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Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 19

With the last episodes glut of weary Christian memes, some of you might think that I don’t appreciate the encouraging word here and there. I do, I do. It is just that I like to make fun of all this stuff once in a while. I like to propagate the idea that Christians can laugh at themselves, even though I believe that most of us cannot. Which is sad. But, that doesn’t stop me and I hope that you can laugh at yourself too. I am so sick of this culture of being offended that this is my little piece of battleground I like to stand in. So, if you’re easily offended, get over it! Lighten up. Let the ignorant liberals have their offended parties and let us enjoy ourselves once in a while. Here it is, once again, because they keep on coming, straight off my one site news feed: Memes that make me go, “Huh?”


Why is it that we are afraid to post this? This meme is all sorts of weird: you got your neon birds, your triple-heart, your butterflies all over, and a halofied pic of Christ, and then there is the year. They have the year on this one. Why? And then it says “I support,” like we’re voting for him in 2016. They support JC, and then, as if in contrast, they also say they love God. Like His running mate or what? People who make these, or at least this one, need a new hobby.


There have been a few people lately that I know that have died, and someone who knows one of them tagged the friend that died whilst posting this picture. It is not bad per se, but all they did was share this picture from the original poster who is named at the bottom: Psychic Medium Michelle somebody or other. If I liked this picture when someone close to me had died I wouldn’t just share it from miss Psychic Medium lady. Obviously, because I don’t like this saying and I definitely don’t like Miss Medium. At least save the pic, crop off the bottom and then repost. Time for a rememing.




Some friends and I had a discussion last week about all these memes commanding us to type amen, because you’re a scared little girly man. One of them is an agnostic who apparently has a lot of Christian friends who posts this stuff all the time. The comment I was going to say when he posted this to my wall is, “Why is Spongebob searching through the Bible for that? Is he really looking through a Bible?”


This one didn’t say it in the picture but there was a command for you to comment “Lucky” and you would receive money. Can you imagine the amount of comments that was on there?! It was ridiculous. And the only way it came on my feed is because a Christian friend of mine commented on it. Can you guess what he said? Yup, he said, “Lucky.” Is this supposed to be some kind of miracle, magical blessing? I guess as long as this world keeps spinning we’ll always have those who prey on the gullible, and we’ll always have the gullible.


This totally made me go, “Huh?” I mean it shouts all sorts of confusing messages. I don’t know how it got into my feed, but how did this make it into anybody’s feed? Lame joke, cop, trucker, and Mt. Rushmore… Huh?


Here is another one we discussed that night, and these are popping up all over the place. Do people really think that somehow facebook has done some programming that would effect some anguish inducing… something? And the likes and comments this gets, with people commenting, “Jump.” “Oooo! I want to see guy get eaten by shark, I will like and comment. Wait a second. Nothing happened. Oh, I see, I didn’t type Jump with a capital J. Let’s try again. Um, still nothing. Darn it, maybe I have to hit like and then type it correctly. Nope, still nothing. Wait, let’s refresh the page and try again. Still no guy getting eaten by shark. I’ll close the browser this time. Get it back up and walla! Wait. Did it move? Maybe I moved the mouse and it didn’t work. Let me make sure I don’t touch the mouse after I type Jump. Still didn’t work…” and on, and on, and on…


Because you pushed them off of a cliff into the ocean to their deaths. So, once again, don’t stress, you’ve already killed them.


These statistics seem a little off especially since I remember seeing a picture of a tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson about gun violence:

68a14302c9d2495d022e6f9281d6afca 12186351_1249858175027956_7011548998755137704_o

But, tomato, tomata. I guess these gun wars will continue to be a battle ground for deaths to come…


Why would anyone think this would make a good pic for this comment?! What struggles? What mistakes? What pain does rose sniffing skeletons suffer from? I predict that this meme collection of mine will soon make me completely insane. I mean there is so many pictures of sad men leaning against walls that would have worked perfectly for this. Or the lady at the lonely bench. Or the guy on the beach. Or the forlorn looking teen sitting on their bed. What in god’s name is a rose skeleton have to do with any of this???


“Nice graphic UncensoredToons,” he said sarcastically.


Then why are you even trying stereotypical doctor and nurse? Maybe someone just photoshopped that sentence on their sign that originally said, “We would rather see you die anyway.”


Is she struggling? Or is she recalling the struggle that was oh so beautiful? She doesn’t look like she’s struggling. Wait, maybe she is finding it hard to put on her clothes. They aren’t fitting that great anyway. Oh, wait again. She is struggling because her clothes don’t fit as well as she hoped, especially on the beach. Anyway, hopefully that guy in the back is coming up to slap some sense into this woman.


Do you see those words above the “amen”? They say Minister Coco. Hold on, I’m going to google that name. Oh my goodness! I just say this lady’s instagram account and it is chock full of memes that need to be made fun of! Why am I not seeing more of her? It is meme comedy gold!

Here are a few more of Minister Coco’s stuff.

10249288_892749890780754_1423151398_n 12356318_533283136838652_196681895_n 12407235_1678089079105484_1215076786_n 12424807_1664906203757398_397067484_n

Wow! Aren’t they great! I hope she has a sense of humor. Anyway, I think the first one I posted that started this all is crap. I remember an independent baptist church near where I worked at Kinko’s had stealth evangelists. They were always leaving tracts at the counter and we found them when they were gone. I think there may be a minuscule percentage of people who get Jesus from tracts left on counters or these stupid pictures posted on walls… but, either way it is lazy evangelism. Get over it.


Yay! The new meme master: Olaf. He didn’t care what others thought. I don’t think he even thought.


What is freedom? People have a skewed view of what freedom is I think. Today’s youth are especially susceptible to the idea that freedom means we can do what ever we want. They can’t even comprehend that your freedom may contradict mine… But, still some truth in this, even though the skull thing is weird… again.


Wow. Is this photoshop? ‘Cause that is Michael Jordan is it not? Poor guy. How can you cry in a bed like that? Okay, read the message slowly to yourself now… I’ll wait. Isn’t that great!?

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 17

Whoa! It has been a while has it not? I posted all these pics in a draft way back in May and have never gotten back to it, so I may not understand my thinking in why I got all these, but, here we go.


How sad for you… Poor, poor miserable you. I wish I could remember who posted this so I could smack them upside the head.


“A thoughtless voice,” you say? It makes it almost appear ghostly, like the poor kid imagines someone saying that phrase… And really? Someone actually would say that at a little league game? I haven’t been to a little league baseball game in a long time, but I can hardly imagine someone crying out that. To me that is some liberals dream about illogical compassion and not allowing anything bad or confusing happening to our children so they can grow up unhurt and unscathed: a machine that has not learned to cope with the world and explodes the first time it experiences the real, real world.


And if you don’t share it, you don’t love your son.

Sorry, I know you’ve heard it all before. It is time for a rememeing.


Nicely done Mark, nicely done.


No, I’m too embarrassed for you in thinking that Obi-Wan Kenobi is Jesus. *The most humongous eye-roll ever*


I am not sure what I initially thought of this one… but it is very dramatic, is it not?


This one is just oh, so sickening to me. What an idiot that man is. No ethereal, ghost of a woman would make me walk on a knife blade, just to make her HAPPY! Happy! If your man is doing this to keep you happy, you have a darned unhealthy relationship, and it is starting to make me literally sick. So let’s move on…


This one just really, really made me go “Huh?” It is why I started this series. Why is the lady from one of those one movies and crazy hockey man having an argument in different lens filters? And then the argument doesn’t even make sense.


Yeah! So make sure you stare at the sun through your fingers when you make all those selfish decisions.


Yeah! Like how did I get in the middle of this dark body of water sitting in this chair? Now that is one hard battle.


I don’t get it… but, I suspect it has something to do with a space cowboy? Maybe?


Oh man! Here is another one of those disturbing Mother sacrifice things that make me wonder if they are both dead. So very creepy.


Wow! No comment except for, “Huh?”


“And with this limited time offer, if you Like it as well, you’ll get a weekly picture to post for other people to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Yes folks, if only the founding Church fathers had the interwebs, there would have been double, no triple, no quadruple the amount of people saved by writing amen on the comments. What a deal!”

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 15

No introduction necessary, “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'”


Let’s start off with one that seems to have covered the gamut of all crazy persons, who all happen to be women on that one site, but this one interestingly enough, doesn’t contain a cartoon character or minion, just color transition and a little sign to let you know who created it: “CRAZY Moms R’ Us.” We have had crazy daughters, crazy sisters and now crazy daughters. I’ll let you know if I see crazy grandmothers, aunts, nieces, or BFFFs.


I don’t, but I live in one. I wonder if this meme was made in pride or despair. I see that it was created by me now, and I understand why I used puke green background.


And when you do, make sure you take a picture of your Bible study staging area, and get any food you may be eating at the time in the frame. Pancakes and milk go especially well with God’s word. Leave your glasses off for the time being. They look much better on the Bible than on your face.


Poor Kermit the Frog. I don’t understand the need for people to put a beloved character in a meme and put words to it that in no imagined way matches the actual character of the said… character. I mean seriously?! Kermit was the symbol of strength and sanity among the other insane muppets on the show. He held them together, and now he is just a lame meme with people comparing him to his craziness? Does “shared” even know who Kermit is? Rainbow Connection? “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here…” and all that? HE WAS A STATUE OF STABILITY… and now he lies dormant and perhaps dead thanks to people who have no idea who he is. Not even the current stream of movies, commercials and political commentary can help the poor guy. It’s not easy being green.


So, yes I lived in Utah, and the drivers there were not that great, but I think maybe better than the people here in West Plains. This is obviously made up, sheesh, they couldn’t think of a better name than “Juan Beegdog” and using a perfectly formed USA TODAY logo? How did Seoul Korea, Mexico City and Los Angeles get dragged into all this. I think I can do better. I am going to re-meme this one, hold on a sec…


There. That is much more relevant and makes much more sense. Don’t you think?


I gotta choose 3 of these guys? Why don’t you just ask me which cast from my favorite television show would rescue me when I am captured by terrorists? Ugh… Do I have to? Okay, so probably over a third of them would abandon me because they “work alone.” And the other ones would maybe go off on some saving spree; why stick around with me? A couple would be all giggly as they elongated their saber. This is so fun! Please poke my eyeballs out. Who has forgotten what a fun time the zombie apocalypse can be. Why are we always so prone to violence. I blame the humans.


I mean seriously. Now THAT is funny. It made me go “huh?” because I found one funny enough to share with the world… but who or what is “alamy”?


No comment. eh-hem… weapons of our warfare.


You can’t really get this from looking at this pic, but the original post on that one site made this Jesus so, so, darn white. He came straight outta Woodstock. And, he has 2, count them, 2 quotes. First he says, “I HAVE A PLAN For You….” This was the first thing this meme creator did, and they were like, “nah, it needs something… more… pulling.” Then he types “DO YOU TRUST ME?”… in smaller letters. Ooo, that got them. Right in the spiritual gut.


This person is crazy. I bet it’s a woman… oh, wait never mind. But seriously folks, really? I think this person might need a little perspective. Sure he is a baby now, but when he is 50, he’ll be 50 years old. I don’t think he’ll want his mama around with an attitude like that. “Jim, we’re late filing our taxes.” “Don’t talk to my son that way Doris! I never did like you.” “Mom!” “Shut up son! I fought all your battles for you because when you were a baby you couldn’t do anything, and guess who stood up and defended you when the doctor wanted to give you shots? I did!” “But, Mom?!” “Don’t you ‘but, mom’ me boy. I made a promise on Facebook 200 years ago, and I am still carrying this out. You need defending from this woman and that is what I am here for. Now get on those taxes Doris, before I protect my son some more.”


He does? Well he better start saving now! Because when he gets old… wait a minute. He doesn’t want to send my son, he wants you to send his son. You Better Get Crackin’ America! This boy ain’t getting to college on his own ya know!


Oh really…? Mr. hope&humor wants to pray for me? What a good natured guy. Having us comment on his photo, JUST so he can pray for you, see? He’s a whole-hearted, glasses-wearin’, beard-spotin’, praying kind of guy. No, seriously. Comment your prayers, so he can pray for you. I can see he is not getting through to you. He is very serious about praying for you. You know you need him. Comment. Go on… do it. I can wait…

MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 5

Pulled straight off of my “that one site” wall, here are the memes that make me go, “Huh?” Incidentally, I’m happy to announce that I got a comment last time from one of the places that made one of the memes featured in the last post. They got a little mean, but that is okay, I made fun of them first. I visited their site and there were some rather clever posts about Vegas. Visit them here if you like, but be warned, they have joined up with a site that makes random clicks for you and pop-ups, and some of the stuff featured in their other sites have lots of clickbait photos, if you know what I mean… Anyway, they said your welcome for the click and wish me luck with my 33 likes. Thank you folks. And on we go.

LOL I actually dont

It is interesting to note that the original guy who posted this made the comment, “LOL. Actually, I don’t.” Makes me wonder why he would want to spread such propaganda about VW when he seems to like it. My Comment: Overused dude from beer ads.

6601_1111033908920861_7658923785875717552_nComment to other one

This one was interesting to me. The first one is the actual pic, but this second one was actually posted as a comment on the original. Last time I talked about the guy leaning against a wall overused meme; here it is. I agree with commentary that “Relient K” makes, (if indeed they said that), but when someone posts an almost identical photo in the comments, it really catches the eye. You should try it. I don’t know who @pianist247 is, since I’m as technically unsavvy as they get, but… maybe you should follow them. Just sayin…

Can you believe this

Weird. I know exactly what commentary they are making, but posting this without comment is weird. Are you talkin’ to me? Are YOU talkin’ to me?! Are you TALKIN’ to ME?!!


I just love all the Trump memes I see. Most of them are utterly ridiculous. You know my stance on Trump, but man, seriously? Do you got to get down in the dirt with him in your hopeless cause to make people see the reality of him? I mean, if he does win the presidency, it was directed by God. Right? Just like Obama?


Glasses much? So, SoRelatable never really seems to understand about how it is to wear glasses. I have worn eye corrective wear for over 35 years and this has never happened to me. But, apparently, some friend of mine has experienced it and just had to share.


See? What did I tell you? I don’t like Trump, and for an instance I believed it. Just for a teeny time of a time, and I got over it. Really? You think I would believe he said that?


This sign? This specific sign? You want it all up in all 50 states, eh? I’m a little torn. And sharing it on that one site will get the voting horror of this nation fixed, right?


“See the Magic”? Still not gonna share.


Okay, I admit it. Some of this make me laugh a little. This one made me chuckle slightly under my breath.


So I have this new acquaintance on that one site, and man! is he ever a meme poster. I don’t understand how conservatives can think anything like this is going to make anything right. It just offends the left, and it makes me do a face palm of shame. Really?! I am so offended by this, that I can’t even stand it. Stop, just stop.




I am not sure if I consider this a meme, but it is going up anyway. But, errrggh, and I say BUT! this is the kind of simpleton thinking that liberals see from the conservative all the time. Sure, it comes from them too, but this is my angry typing. Can you hear how hard I’m hitting the keys? Same new acquaintance as previously.


Same new guy again. Different aspect of his humor(?) political bent(?). Why is this a little girl? Is the person saying that they feel like a kid at work? Do they feel this complaint makes them feel like a kid? What is it? Never mind. I don’t really care.


I interviewed a teacher the other day that has taught for 27 years. And sure, maybe their world experience is small, but their sentiment is that kids really haven’t changed. I think though, if we would have gotten deeper, she would have said that kids stay the same, it is the world that has changed.


Here is something new. Actually, I’m grinding my teeth looking at this one. I hate minion memes, and their movie stunk, capitalizing on all their Je Ne Sais Quoi, makes me die a bit inside. Anyway, look at the font of the last word. Did the person who made this font leave it open for interpretation of other users? Or did the person making it just have lame meme making skills?


Interesting question, is it not? The wrong one though…

353745 L 241499 C

This had 353,745 likes and 241,499 comments at the time I downloaded this picture. I hesitate to post anymore like these, but why are we so ignorant. Plus! The theology of the thing… just so wrong.


I don’t know who Snap-On is, but man! I know I’ll never shop there.


MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?”

It is new category time again on Stranger In Rebellion, and this is the one where I make fun of the memes people post and I see it on my that one site. Starting some 40 odd years ago I found that the best of friends were people I could make fun of other people with, because we all know we’re superior than everyone else, right? So here is where I repost pics I see and make fun of them. Here we go:

Let’s start off with a confusing one that was posted without comment and the user received 2 likes so far for it. Why did they post this and to whom are they talking to? I know, it is just for general encouragement, but the picture of a kid in black and white format looking like he is yelling and about to cry does not tell me to keep being awesome. If I saw this picture by itself I would probably think this kid is telling on his sister for blowing out the birthday candles on his cake. That is going to be the most common aspect of this experiment, “What does this picture have to do with what is being said?”


Huh? Do little flowers in a cup just say that you’re pretending you’re okay? I don’t get this on so many levels. Why is this something to post? Is it for people who might want to post something vague and slightly off-putting about what is going on, and telling them to just shut up? Either way a cup full of purple flowers says it all.


Okay, hilarious! Let us use an overused quote and make it Christian. It is things like this that make me wonder about my fellow brother and/or sister. Why for crying out loud? And what does Tony Stark/Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. have to do with angel armies? “Let’s put a popular Christian song lyric that has army in it and put it with that overused meme…” Oh, but wait. This is a pic put out by memesforjesus. Never you mind.


Sometimes there will be clever ones that I just got to include. I think the Hobbit was just an overblown reduction engorgement of a prequel for the LOTR. Good one oh unreadable meme maker.


Weird. Someone took a stupid stock photo and tried to make fun of his sister’s best friend’s mom. “I heard about this lady that was cold. That’d make a great meme.” Fake steam… lame. Look on the woman’s face… “Stop looking at me! or I might throw up!”


Wait, who is this guy again? And does he always wear a white suit in a white room with a bright light behind him? And why is he trying to look so smarmally smarmy? And is the meme talking about where he is? His suit? Is he alive or dead? So many questions. Maybe when Stephan speaks again, he can tell us the answer to some of our questions.


Another example of an overused picture. And why in the heck couldn’t they put their text in the speech balloons? It could have taken a bit more thought. Anyway, this is mostly here to record it for historical purposes. But this person should not be allowed to make another meme.


Ugh. Why brother? Where is your head? Sorry… this kind of stuff is just asking to be made fun of. The extra caption from this tells the reader not to pass by, but make sure you type amen. Because Jesus will only help those who don’t scroll past terrible art and type “yes&Amen” with no spaces an ampersand and a capital “A” in amen. If my Jesus was this awkward, I’d keep on walkin’… or scrolling.


Yes, yes I have. Why do you ask?


Here is an encouraging bit. You’re right internet meme. I should turn up the sound of my soul… and dance. What the heck does that mean anyway? And I had a hard time not typing a swear word in there on that one. Weird background, check. High-flying pink ballerina, check. Sun ray with a large offset moon, (I mean where are these rays coming from?) check. Fake rose implant, check. Dumb quote, check check check.


Train tracks? Huh?


This one is supposed to make you laugh. I mean it is quite hilarious, is it not? The person who posted this is always posting confusing or divisive pics and articles with no commentary. How annoying this one is once you begin to ponder it’s implications and why exactly why someone would make this. I guess to me it is not as funny as it might be? Perhaps it appeals to a more younger crowd.


Okay, I agree with this sentiment. But why is this flower wearing provocative underwear?


I like this one. I just hate Trump. Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. Let’s just say he disgusts me.


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