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Some Small Updates

Since hardly anyone reads my posts on That One Site anyway, here are some things to fill you in…

Did you know that oxymoron is an oxymoron? Oxy means sharp and moron means dull. I heard my youngest daughter telling my oldest this the other day.

We must remember that character is not seen in the moment, but revealed over a lifetime. I said this in response to a report on the navy yard shootings. It amazes me every time they interview friends or family of a crazy man who just killed a bunch of people, that they say they never saw anything like this coming. But, then the report goes on telling all the crimes, misdemeanors or character flaws this person has a history of committing.

I have a huge, new burn pile out in the yard, eagerly awaiting the torch. I started throwing branches, cutting and other burning type waste this last spring into an overgrown area in our yard. This last weekend I cleared away a six-foot area surrounding this monstrosity in preparation to contribute to the burning stuff smell that permeates this city and it’s surroundings over the fall season. I might wait until our best friends come for a visit from Kansas City, before I set flame to pile.

This week marks our former church’s effort at its traditional fall revival. Last year I was a counselor for people who wanted to “make a decision”. It was interesting to me that the people I talked to had previously been “saved”, sometimes more than once. On That One Site, people are posting how great it is to see all these kids being saved. Me, in my pessimism, say to myself, “Yeah, for the fifth time.”

I enjoyed watching the Person of Interest, season premier last night. It wasn’t the BLAST I was hoping for, but it was a great set-up for what is to come. I particularly enjoy the whole idea of an A.I. developing in the “real” world. Most A.I. fiction I’ve seen or read, deals with a far future scenario. In this day and age of so many shows and channels for people to watch, I have very much limited myself. I stick with a little Food Network, a little bit of cartoons, a little Seinfeld reruns, some Jeopardy!, and, always Person of Interest. This season marks a difficulty, in that it is now Tuesday night at 9pm. Our bible/fellowship group meets on Tuesday, and we never want to seem eager to get them out in time, but for goodness sake get out! No, we’d never, ever tell them that. POI is never as important as fellowship with other believers and the encouragement and love that lies therein, but, wow, this is going to be difficult. And we don’t have a DVR either.

I may have decided what I want to speak about Sunday morning in conjunction with giving my testimony. I want to talk about: taking action, and how it relates to a previous post regarding extreme Calvinism. I have to find some verses, but I also want to share this song:

This song drives me, gives me strength and courage, makes me excited to go work for God. But, I need some bible verses too.

At work today, we changed around the whole mailroom, and moved some shelves and pallets of envelopes around. One of my workers was absent and he is, how shall I say it, a little whiny, girly man, when it comes to not being involved in stuff like that. If we asked him about what we should do, he says, “No, that won’t work.” You know, always the negative type. Things never work unless he thought of it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, well, maybe not really. It’s a downer to hear someone mumble and grumble all day long.

How about that movie, “Gravity”? Huh? I think it looks very good, I’m pretty excited to see this one. Alfonso Cuarón directed my favorite Harry Potter installment. Although I couldn’t make it through “Children of Men”. Here is the preview for those who haven’t heard of it:

My mom bought us a new laptop today. The one we just bought about a month ago, doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, and our 12-year-old computer died shortly after we got the new one. My mom called me a few days ago, and I don’t know how we got on the subject, but I was telling her we were probably going to buy a new one for Christmas. It was going to be for our oldest, because she has algebra tutoring CDs that she now can’t use, and today she cried over her math. She told us that she gets to buy things for her kids close to her every once in a while and she wanted to do this for us. So, we went and bought one today, and she is sending a reimbursement check. I love my mom and miss her dearly. Not because of the computer, but because of a lifetime.


A Brief Musical Interlude or Teach an Old Man Some New Tricks

So, I am a 44-year-old Christian man, happily married for 19 years, with three daughters. So you’d think my musical tastes would range in the area of concrete: set for life. Or, if somewhat transitional, I’d like some of the new stuff on your local K-LOVE station, but keep me with the old and reliable. Yes?


That would not be the case. In fact I am looking for some new stuff that can make a home in my music collection. See what I like, what my history is, and make some recommendations if you like.

My first presentation is a band I came across several years ago. It is a psy-trance band from Israel named Infected Mushroom. This song is an amazing mix of latin guitar, techno, trance, and heavy metal. Enjoy, “Becoming Insane”.

My most recent discovery came from a young friend on, that one site. It is a band called Steam Powered Giraffe. They use makeup to look like robots and are a part of the new cultural scene called “Steampunk” These guys incorporate harmonies and stories set to classic twenties rhythms and modern techno dance. They also incorporate pantomime into their live shows. It’s something you can listen to with the whole family. My current favorite song is “Captain Albert Alexander” because my daughters love this song and make up additional lyrics to it. Here is three offerings from them. First up is the aforementioned song that is a good intro to them. So if you hate it, you can lump it. But, listen to the song, close your eyes if it gets to scary like.

The second is a bit more mellow, but still the performance just makes you fall in love with them. Here is “Honeybee”.

You also have to check out the very first video I ever saw of them. “Fire Fire”

The next band is one of the gateway bands that introduced me to futurepop, ebm, and psy-trance. My friend, JR, who owned a black metal record store, showed me this band. He knew I wasn’t much into what he liked. So he figured I might like them. Here are three songs from one of my favorites, Apoptygma Berzerk.

Something older: “Unicorn”

Their most remixed: “Kathy’s Song”

And some of their slightly newer stuff: “Asleep or Awake?”

Now we get to some of the Christian stuff I like. I’ve always liked the Newsboys and when Michael Tait took over as lead singer, they lost the fun, the lyrics, the dance that made me like them so much. But then, their former lead singer put out a solo album. He is being played on your KLOVE station, but like always with that station, they play it over and over and it’s not even the best one. I mean c’mon! Here is “All In Your Head”. It is one awesome song that makes you want to get up, get off your seat, move your feet and do what He said.

And he does a great techno “Psalm 23”.

So. There is a sampling of what I am currently into. I grew up with trends liking, in order, the Beatles, Rainbow, Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Police, U2, Talking Heads, M.A.R.R.S., Robert Plant, R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, and then it just got all ecclectical: The Thrills, Ace of Base, America, Electric Light Orchestra, Ween, Bread, The Cranberries, Covenant, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Drive-By Truckers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gnarls Barkley, Jars of Clay, Juno Reactor, Ladytron, MGMT, Earthsuit, Orbital, Seabound.

There. I like to move, don’t like much of the harsh metal/goth or rap singers. I don’t like too dark and doom like. As long as it’s got a good beat and has memorable lyrics, with a good hook to it, I’m in. The band Tool, is the total opposite of what I like. The newer the better. Thanks.


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