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Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 20

Well my friend, we may be nearing the end of this social experiment where I take all the memes from my that one site news feed that immediately go, “Huh?” This last week or two has never left me so depressed as I have been seeing all the memes that are pushing the limit of common sense. The overarching sense I got from friend’s meme posting was innocent anger or weird encouragement. One thing I truly found interesting was a man who is a Trump supporter, publicly announced he was leaving that one site for a while several months back. He said he couldn’t take the hate. He didn’t stay away for long and soon was posting his weird Trump support stuff, although it became more bash Hillary type stuff. Anyway, this man and one other who is meme comedy gold for me shared the same picture one day that came on my feed. It was a pic of our current president and said something like… “Like or share if you agree we need to get rid of this piece of s***.” And that last word coming in my feed pops up occasionally and I usually hide it and that’s that. But this disturbed me more than I can tell you. How can two people who seem to have a good sense of love, (it is a benefit of the doubt thing) and are calling on justice, peace and rightness in this whole racism thing share this pic? I have since ignored them both. Needless to say, the meme factory is a little dry, except for the ones that make sense regarding this whole issue of black lives, cop killing, and the value of life. I constantly debate within myself whether to stay serious and call out the truth of what is going on or put on a funny face and make fun of what is funny. I guess it is a balance of life. Well, 20 is a nice round number and if there isn’t any original memes that come through and still make me go, “Huh?” this may be it folks. You never know… On with the memes.


That last statement about getting the least likes seems a little pessimistic, maybe that is why the guy is drinking. I don’t know who posted this and it does make me sad that perhaps they have felt the dissolving effects of alcohol. Uh oh, this episode is not starting out very funny Mark, you better turn that frown upside-down!


I am so happy we have two great candidates this year! I think I may have told you before… I like the one that will end it sooner rather than later. But I can’t decide. Plus, why so serious meme poster? Meh. Whatever.


That is great! There is so much that makes you laugh now-a-days… Wait a second. I am thinking about something that makes me laugh: Brian Regan! I am going to post this little thing he does that I have heard several times and it still makes me laugh. Don’t worry Brian, Brian is a “clean” comic.


So, is this person saying they can’t control this beautiful beetle? I actually really love this picture. In fact, if I could find it I’d put it as my phone’s wallpaper. But the saying… What does it all mean? Are you going out because the things you can’t control becoming too overwhelming? Again, this saying might fit best if some guy was sitting against a wall with his face in his hands, or the lady on the bench in the middle of a shallow lake.


First off, I gotta wonder if Jodie Foster really said this. Second, what in the world do people think it means when they talk about the “hoarding of wealth”? Now, Jodie, if, in fact you really did say this, what are you doing to be part of the solution that maybe, perhaps you see? Hold on a second, I’m going to go online and check a few statistics…: Well, according to this source here, and here, she is worth about $100 million dollars. Is that amount worthy of being called “hoarding”? I know, let us give Jodie the benefit of the doubt, (because we like to do that). Let’s see about her charities…: Okay, one of the first I saw was an article about her donation to a gay suicide prevention hotline. The goal of this charity was to raise one million dollars. It says in the article that the amount was not revealed, but I would think that $100 million net worth could do a fair bit, if indeed the charity is worthy. Anyway, here is a site that lists all celebrities charity, and Jodie does her fair share, I suppose since amounts are not reported, to 5 different charities: Clothes Off Our Backs – which sells celebrity clothes and gives the money to children’s charities, (doesn’t say which). GO Campaign – This is another vague charity for orphans this time, and donates to “grass root” organizations that help them, hmmmm… National Alliance of Mental Illness – Dedicated to the eradication of mental illness; not sure where this money goes, but, “eradication” is a high standard. Small Steps Project – This one is the first to be a bit more specific. It talks about those children living in trash dumps, and educates people about their plight through film, but also donates much needed hygiene kits and emergency aid. St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters – Food and shelter and necessity donations for the needy in New York. Okay, now that we’ve seen all this what are we to do with the quote? I guess what she is saying, if she said this, is that if the rich used their wealth to help rather than keep, that would be best? Of course it would, but does she realize that many of her peers are just the people she may be talking about? I hope she does. And cheers to you Jodie Foster; someone made a meme out of a line we can neither confirm nor deny… wait, we have the interwebs. Hold on… Meh, still not sure, because all I can find is the story about this meme.


This is like a stick shrouded in a jacket and a cap propped at just the right jaunty angle. Okay, that is the only thing I got.


From this photo, you can tell that Hillary is a demon. It is stuff just like this that has had me sighing all these last weeks… sigh.


I had a few of these, “Isn’t remembering the good times better than thinking about the present,” memes last time, but this one has a funny twist. Look at the button. It isn’t just a, “Who had one of these?” memes, but it attacks Hillary because it is about guns. Isn’t that Hillarious?


Yeah, think about it.

The end, and sorry that I didn’t re-meme anything this time. It just wasn’t in me.

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