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Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 21

It has been about 6 weeks since I’ve posted a “Huh?” post, and I have been saving them in a little folder on this here computational device. Given that I unfollowed some folks whose posts were a little too, too, I am a bit unfurled at the amount I’ve accumulated. It was hard to find these and some of them might not be on par with how awesome I am at the comments and the words I usually parley on about, but, they were there and here I go. (Does I even know some of the meanings of the words here… I’m jus’ goofing.)


I find this little tidbit amazing because of the fact that I’m not sure if the poster is saying this in pride or to generate some sort of doubt within others. “Oh my goodness, nows I not so sure if I’ma baptized correctly. I been only baptized in the Son’s name. I may be in the dangers of the fires of hell. I better get on down to church and cover my baptism in Father and Spirit.” Um, all joking aside I know this is some serious business. So serious in fact, that it probably shouldn’t be castigated out to the general audience of facebook.


Thanks “Country Thang” for making this little known thing about them women who fish and pee in the woods. And thanks to the poster who shared it, making me wonder just how close they come to admiring those women as they perform both acts… Sorry.


These types of “pictures” that are shared generate in me some of the reason I do this. So many words… so little thought… Ack! It irks me so when people do this. It is not his proposals it is his communication! Every time I hear a bit from him played my head literally explodes and I have to put it all back together. If he was who he was and could communicate as an authentic human being, with grace and aplomb I’d consider him a bit more carefully. If you know me and have read anything I’ve posted you know where I stand. Although, perhaps I need to have a bit more grace for my “friends” who post this. Things are a bit… difficult in this day and age to remember the grace we are to show with the grace we’ve been given.


It is a different world, isn’t it? Well, I ain’t no expert, but I think he was always a Republican… maybe I heard he was a Whig(?). There might have been more parties, but whatever. Different world.


That is great! I appreciate this jousting at joking so obvious. I, myself, am a bit more dry, shall we say. There you go though.


Maybe with the unfollowing of the usual suspects, we get this kind of stuff. Simple puns and photos. Classic.


I never looked at the comments or looked up the right answer(s) to this perplexing thing with the crying faces that have become common, but, it seems, that there are no squares in this at all. Am I right, or am I right, or am I right? Uh oh, I seem to be getting as negative as the last time. Let’s hope the next one is more… humerus!


Is somebody checking up on these people who needs to be buying tacos for… you? This makes no sense. Wouldn’t the game be more “fun” if when you started typing that is the person you’re buying tacos for? “Hello? Martin? You need to buy me some tacos. And not just some stupid Taco Bell tacos, but those kind you can only get at those food carts, where they call them “carne”. Yeah, pick me up, and buy me tacos. I’ll be waiting.”


This one is funny. I like that someone thought of this. Very funny. I’m just gonna keep typing here. Yeah, Keith Richards is going to live forever. Hilarious. Can you see how much fun I’m having?


Okay… but if you like them so much, why not just do it now? It can’t be that expensive. Probably not more than a hundred bucks or so if you buy in bulk?


So a flaming unicorn had to come and tell us this in front of an Anarcho-Syndicalism flag. Yep, I looked it up. And boy, are these people getting their message across.


Okay, I get it. My kids were homeschooled. So, you gotta use the phrase, “Be Like:” That so takes away what you gotta say. It’s like saying “René Vilatte be like: I don’t fit well within the Catholic Church, ’cause they don’t fit in well with me.”


I hoped this was sarcasm but I really doubt it. They might think this is a great time to be alive because your cookie doesn’t fall apart before that magic moment when they are moist enough but not too moist. Yeah, I guess I get this… but, ugh, facebook.


There is something going on here I don’t know about. But, I couldn’t care less. That’s right; my care about this has hit bottom… Oh, wait. I saved, posted and commented about this. So, I guess I care. A little.


Okay, hold up there John Grisham; republicans will have a stroke after seeing this??? I know you have a callous view of republicans, which is why I appreciate your friendship, but… wait. You’re kidding right? I don’t consider myself a republican, at least not since about 2008 or more, but your provocative image will not gain you any girlfriends. Ha. You hear that John? No, girlfriends. Wait, I’m sorry John. Come back! I don’t know what I’ll do without a close communist friend like you! Give me a second chance. We all need people in our life who challenge us. Maybe I just felt we were getting too close, and I was trying to drive you away. My brain is weird like that. Can you forgive me please? Whew… Thanks friend. I knew you were of the forgiving type. Just ease up on what may or may not give those poor republicans a stroke. They’re having a bad year.


Interesting choices here. Plain font. High contrast lonely tree photo. Shocking juxtaposition. Thank you “Matapropos,” thank you.


Really? Do I have to say ANYTHING about this?


Keanu? You came out of hiding just to get this picture taken and get these words posted on it? I believe Keanu. I believe you because of this single picture. But don’t you realize that every “system” will eventually become that, “system”? It is not the system, it is the people, more specifically, the sinners, of which we all are, who are the problem. Sorry, oh so serious Keanu. Sorry.


Sponge Bob is everywhere. And I usually get what the square one is telling me… but, HUH?


Who is this guy? I really hope… Oh, I don’t know what I hope. That this is seriously serious. And should be potentially relayed by some other means. Maybe someone will get it. I hope we all will. We all have a story, don’t we?


This is like the “Be Like:” garbage up above. With all these political things going on right now, all I hear is the Wicked Witch melting and saying, “What a world! What a world…”


Why? If this was me, and I was that passionate about pineapples on pizza, I’d be like (tee-hee) typing on that one site, “I like pineapples on pizza even if you might not. So there.”

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 19

With the last episodes glut of weary Christian memes, some of you might think that I don’t appreciate the encouraging word here and there. I do, I do. It is just that I like to make fun of all this stuff once in a while. I like to propagate the idea that Christians can laugh at themselves, even though I believe that most of us cannot. Which is sad. But, that doesn’t stop me and I hope that you can laugh at yourself too. I am so sick of this culture of being offended that this is my little piece of battleground I like to stand in. So, if you’re easily offended, get over it! Lighten up. Let the ignorant liberals have their offended parties and let us enjoy ourselves once in a while. Here it is, once again, because they keep on coming, straight off my one site news feed: Memes that make me go, “Huh?”


Why is it that we are afraid to post this? This meme is all sorts of weird: you got your neon birds, your triple-heart, your butterflies all over, and a halofied pic of Christ, and then there is the year. They have the year on this one. Why? And then it says “I support,” like we’re voting for him in 2016. They support JC, and then, as if in contrast, they also say they love God. Like His running mate or what? People who make these, or at least this one, need a new hobby.


There have been a few people lately that I know that have died, and someone who knows one of them tagged the friend that died whilst posting this picture. It is not bad per se, but all they did was share this picture from the original poster who is named at the bottom: Psychic Medium Michelle somebody or other. If I liked this picture when someone close to me had died I wouldn’t just share it from miss Psychic Medium lady. Obviously, because I don’t like this saying and I definitely don’t like Miss Medium. At least save the pic, crop off the bottom and then repost. Time for a rememing.




Some friends and I had a discussion last week about all these memes commanding us to type amen, because you’re a scared little girly man. One of them is an agnostic who apparently has a lot of Christian friends who posts this stuff all the time. The comment I was going to say when he posted this to my wall is, “Why is Spongebob searching through the Bible for that? Is he really looking through a Bible?”


This one didn’t say it in the picture but there was a command for you to comment “Lucky” and you would receive money. Can you imagine the amount of comments that was on there?! It was ridiculous. And the only way it came on my feed is because a Christian friend of mine commented on it. Can you guess what he said? Yup, he said, “Lucky.” Is this supposed to be some kind of miracle, magical blessing? I guess as long as this world keeps spinning we’ll always have those who prey on the gullible, and we’ll always have the gullible.


This totally made me go, “Huh?” I mean it shouts all sorts of confusing messages. I don’t know how it got into my feed, but how did this make it into anybody’s feed? Lame joke, cop, trucker, and Mt. Rushmore… Huh?


Here is another one we discussed that night, and these are popping up all over the place. Do people really think that somehow facebook has done some programming that would effect some anguish inducing… something? And the likes and comments this gets, with people commenting, “Jump.” “Oooo! I want to see guy get eaten by shark, I will like and comment. Wait a second. Nothing happened. Oh, I see, I didn’t type Jump with a capital J. Let’s try again. Um, still nothing. Darn it, maybe I have to hit like and then type it correctly. Nope, still nothing. Wait, let’s refresh the page and try again. Still no guy getting eaten by shark. I’ll close the browser this time. Get it back up and walla! Wait. Did it move? Maybe I moved the mouse and it didn’t work. Let me make sure I don’t touch the mouse after I type Jump. Still didn’t work…” and on, and on, and on…


Because you pushed them off of a cliff into the ocean to their deaths. So, once again, don’t stress, you’ve already killed them.


These statistics seem a little off especially since I remember seeing a picture of a tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson about gun violence:

68a14302c9d2495d022e6f9281d6afca 12186351_1249858175027956_7011548998755137704_o

But, tomato, tomata. I guess these gun wars will continue to be a battle ground for deaths to come…


Why would anyone think this would make a good pic for this comment?! What struggles? What mistakes? What pain does rose sniffing skeletons suffer from? I predict that this meme collection of mine will soon make me completely insane. I mean there is so many pictures of sad men leaning against walls that would have worked perfectly for this. Or the lady at the lonely bench. Or the guy on the beach. Or the forlorn looking teen sitting on their bed. What in god’s name is a rose skeleton have to do with any of this???


“Nice graphic UncensoredToons,” he said sarcastically.


Then why are you even trying stereotypical doctor and nurse? Maybe someone just photoshopped that sentence on their sign that originally said, “We would rather see you die anyway.”


Is she struggling? Or is she recalling the struggle that was oh so beautiful? She doesn’t look like she’s struggling. Wait, maybe she is finding it hard to put on her clothes. They aren’t fitting that great anyway. Oh, wait again. She is struggling because her clothes don’t fit as well as she hoped, especially on the beach. Anyway, hopefully that guy in the back is coming up to slap some sense into this woman.


Do you see those words above the “amen”? They say Minister Coco. Hold on, I’m going to google that name. Oh my goodness! I just say this lady’s instagram account and it is chock full of memes that need to be made fun of! Why am I not seeing more of her? It is meme comedy gold!

Here are a few more of Minister Coco’s stuff.

10249288_892749890780754_1423151398_n 12356318_533283136838652_196681895_n 12407235_1678089079105484_1215076786_n 12424807_1664906203757398_397067484_n

Wow! Aren’t they great! I hope she has a sense of humor. Anyway, I think the first one I posted that started this all is crap. I remember an independent baptist church near where I worked at Kinko’s had stealth evangelists. They were always leaving tracts at the counter and we found them when they were gone. I think there may be a minuscule percentage of people who get Jesus from tracts left on counters or these stupid pictures posted on walls… but, either way it is lazy evangelism. Get over it.


Yay! The new meme master: Olaf. He didn’t care what others thought. I don’t think he even thought.


What is freedom? People have a skewed view of what freedom is I think. Today’s youth are especially susceptible to the idea that freedom means we can do what ever we want. They can’t even comprehend that your freedom may contradict mine… But, still some truth in this, even though the skull thing is weird… again.


Wow. Is this photoshop? ‘Cause that is Michael Jordan is it not? Poor guy. How can you cry in a bed like that? Okay, read the message slowly to yourself now… I’ll wait. Isn’t that great!?

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 18

And now, once again, it is time for the 18th round of the most confusing memes that show up on that one site’s news feed.


Check. Check. Check. Check. Check, aaannnnddd, check. But Daystaaaaarrrr, nothing is still happening.


This episode of “Huh?” will seem to be filled with all kinds of Christian memes, as we seem to be panicking(?) by the way the world is working out, and that one site is the greatest place to show your encouragement. This poster didn’t seem to see the irony in this meme, so let me point it out. Lions were a kind of weapon used against, and successfully I might say, Christians. They ate ’em. Ripped ’em up and kilt them. Irony.


In our panic about the future, the other memes that seem to be so prevalent is the “Remember These?” type. We either gotta do the encouraging thing or try to make each other forget about the future. So make sure that your wall is filled with all this stuff to make sure we forget about the world for a while.


Whoa! I don’t know what news story prompted this call to legalize throat punches to idiots, but calm down. And do these guys know their service to this country is now used in creating memes.


Yup. So follow Linus’ example, because cartoon characters make the best.




Here is poor Kermit again, being used for your stupid little thoughts… it is kind of ironic, is it not?


I went back to Utah a couple of weekends ago, and… I… loved it! We even came back down to I-70 and touched Southern Utah. Oh how I missed the mountains, and the DRY HEAT. I have hardly begun to be acclimated to this Missouri humidity. So, this meme is a little wrong and the person hasn’t ever experienced both.


Ugh. I hate this stuff. Why do people insist on turning every mediocre thing that dazzles them in even the slightest towards the word “Porn”? Space Porn. Word Porn. Food Porn. Why? Even this nice little word pile has gotten all dirty from the adjective involved. I guess it won’t be long until someone posts a bible verse and at the bottom it’ll say “Gospel Porn.” I don’t know. Maybe I’m a prude. Yes, that is it. I’m a prude.


Ah, the memories.


Oh my, Monkey Bologna! This is just… I’m suffering a little Deja Vu here. Anyway, yes, just keep focused, because it is All ABOUT to HAPPEN! You’ve almost won the prayerathon. A prayer is a wish come true. (You gotta sing that last line.)


Yeah, because it was only 13 years ago. Time for a rememing!


This movie was made in 1917. That was only 99 years ago. There has got to be someone on that one site who remembers watching Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Oh the memories. Thanks again facebook from distracting us from the horrors of this world.


I saw this one and it made me really go “Huh?” Like, are we bragging here? Living here has made me really start hating buffets, and now I got someone bragging about their funky food balancing skills and then they’re gonna go and eat all that. No, sir. Do not want. Do not want at all.


Oh, yeah! I was going to rememe this one too! Wait a sec.


There. Kind of makes you think of other memes we’ve seen today. Oh, man; All the “good” things God has got in store for us… Aaaahhhhhh……..


This was posted by a person whose spouse is gone to Atlanta, to a classic education conference along with 18 other people, including my wife. But let me just tell you: this is not me.


“My head hurts as I walk on this beach. And why are all these words following me?”

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 17

Whoa! It has been a while has it not? I posted all these pics in a draft way back in May and have never gotten back to it, so I may not understand my thinking in why I got all these, but, here we go.


How sad for you… Poor, poor miserable you. I wish I could remember who posted this so I could smack them upside the head.


“A thoughtless voice,” you say? It makes it almost appear ghostly, like the poor kid imagines someone saying that phrase… And really? Someone actually would say that at a little league game? I haven’t been to a little league baseball game in a long time, but I can hardly imagine someone crying out that. To me that is some liberals dream about illogical compassion and not allowing anything bad or confusing happening to our children so they can grow up unhurt and unscathed: a machine that has not learned to cope with the world and explodes the first time it experiences the real, real world.


And if you don’t share it, you don’t love your son.

Sorry, I know you’ve heard it all before. It is time for a rememeing.


Nicely done Mark, nicely done.


No, I’m too embarrassed for you in thinking that Obi-Wan Kenobi is Jesus. *The most humongous eye-roll ever*


I am not sure what I initially thought of this one… but it is very dramatic, is it not?


This one is just oh, so sickening to me. What an idiot that man is. No ethereal, ghost of a woman would make me walk on a knife blade, just to make her HAPPY! Happy! If your man is doing this to keep you happy, you have a darned unhealthy relationship, and it is starting to make me literally sick. So let’s move on…


This one just really, really made me go “Huh?” It is why I started this series. Why is the lady from one of those one movies and crazy hockey man having an argument in different lens filters? And then the argument doesn’t even make sense.


Yeah! So make sure you stare at the sun through your fingers when you make all those selfish decisions.


Yeah! Like how did I get in the middle of this dark body of water sitting in this chair? Now that is one hard battle.


I don’t get it… but, I suspect it has something to do with a space cowboy? Maybe?


Oh man! Here is another one of those disturbing Mother sacrifice things that make me wonder if they are both dead. So very creepy.


Wow! No comment except for, “Huh?”


“And with this limited time offer, if you Like it as well, you’ll get a weekly picture to post for other people to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Yes folks, if only the founding Church fathers had the interwebs, there would have been double, no triple, no quadruple the amount of people saved by writing amen on the comments. What a deal!”

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 16

In the last episode of “Memes” I shared it on facebook on my own personal page because someone was wondering why they don’t see them. Then I worried a bit because I wondered what some people thought of me sharing their memes, or liking memes, or commenting on memes and then making fun of said memes, for I did not see any posted for quite some time. But like all cultural phenomena in this here technological age it came back around again and I have seen quite a few in the past few days. So, without further ado, here it is, where I make fun of your sometimes fun, sometimes ridiculous, but always makes me go, “Huh?” it is “Memes that make me go, “Huh?”


So going right is ending up at the top of that cliff? Is that what this is saying to me? Well, whatever it is saying I know this much, that if I was going up there… a lot will go wrong, and the imaginary force I feel pushing me off of high places would gain physical composition and I would die. End quote.


This is a weird little multi-meme. That is what I’m a gonna call these; multi-memes. They couldn’t set themselves straight on what kind of art or character, or who even decides what their perspective of themselves really is… Am I a stereotypical granny, or am I Eeyore? Should I just do a little heart art that sums up my feelings? Well, either way, they made sure their tag is on there a couple of times. An interesting quote from a site called “Shut Up I’m Still Talking.”


Do you see it? Of course you do! Why does facebook feel the need to test us all the time. Well, you see, it is all part of a governmental program that makes sure you see it. Whatever.


That is not my daughter, and that is not my daughter. The gall someone has in telling me that top one is my daughter! Perhaps it would have been more nice to say something like… oh I don’t know, “Your world, my world.” or “Your culture, my culture.” or “Your ideology, my ideology.” Or maybe stay the whole heck away from trying to start an arguement, like “This is someone’s idea of what constitutes beauty fashioned in the lives of our young people, which is what I am against because this sexualizes our daughters beyond cultural decency unless you live in the backwoods of some non-descript backwoods state and are married to your cousin and only eat anything covered in gravy, while conversely I myself am going against many of these cultural norms and am training my daughter to defend herself through the knowledge and use of a well made American firearm.” …Although that might not fit on the picture. Maybe “Your daughter, my daughter,” is best.


I want to understand this… maybe? As stated many times previously, I don’t get the whole Trump thing, and I believe a Trump presidency will further lower the quality of our memes. I mean, look, the guy couldn’t even photoshop his face facing the correct direction: toward the whatever he is yelling at. Sad, very, very sad.


Okay. I don’t talk much about my work on my blogs, but I just had to bring this one up, for I work very closely with copiers. I believe this is from reddit or some such I have no idea about, but they know nothing about printers. No one would ever, never, ever tell you to turn on and off a printer if you indicated that it was out of ink. And that is toner by the way! What hurts the most is that I believe a relative of mine posted this and they did not even think to consult me before posting this. Oh! The horror…


I sort of like this meme, but I can’t forgive the perspective of this. There is no way this guy is facing his younger self, it is all off, and then the coloring and antique look gives it a creepy vibe. **shudder**


Oh, I like this one. The symbolism and vision and simple text. I’d really like to know how they did this. This is another meme example of me going, “Huh?” as in I am surprisingly impressed.


This person obviously wants tear down facebook and throw the world into chaos. Seriously, who doesn’t like the smell of bacon in the morning… it is all such a pointless meme. Wait a second, I didn’t like and share this! I better go back there and find it, then do the right thing by liking and sharing… Nah. That’s too much work.13124856_1191376900881967_6778502376859479733_n

This was a new one on me… The thing that really got me, no, I mean really got me, was the statement at the very end, “I want my like.” You want your like????? What planet am I living on? Did I enter into some alternate dimension as I fell asleep since 1991? God, please take me now. That whole last three lines is one sentence. He says, “You” as in me, “went to check it” which is quite presumptuous, “and I was messing with you,” really? You were messing with… me? and there is a comma, with that final temper tantrum throwing implication that this person deserves some recognition? Who shared this? Man I wish I noted that. Why don’t people all over facebook just post a picture of a puppy and over it say, “I want my like,” like the impish little vile creatures that this world has turned us all into. Here, I am going to re-meme just that…. multiple times. And I am going to post them on my facebook once in a while just to see what people say.

babies-crying-cute-crying-baby enhanced-12644-1426038981-1 impossibly-cute-puppy-2 tumblr_lbtwh922VX1qejf28o1_500

There. Now join me in the #iwantmylike revolution!


Dependable. Reliable. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.


We do? First time I saw this I thought this lady had one of those dentist towels on the front of her and I thought, “What in the what?” What is she loving a new dentist, a new set of teeth? Yeah, I’m weird too. No one deserves this, but, it doesn’t hurt. Ugh, I think I just threw up a little.


First time I saw this I wanted to punch both of these people. Oh, man, now the barf is really coming up……. Whew, I’m back……… No, I’m really back now. I still want to punch them and unknown who wrote this, and Love is Answer person. Everyone needs to be punched involved in this. Wait a second… I got a great idea to make this better…


I can easily get over my feeling of wanting to punch these two lovebirds!


And all my pens must be out of ink. This one makes me laugh a bit. What are you trying to tell me with this one? Simple, gradient orange.


I posted a meme from this guy last time, go ahead and check it out. This time he used a drawing of himself and not an actual photo. His drawing looks cooler. His t-shirt is… cooler? His quote: I cannot stop laughing. Seriously, I cannot stop laughing.



See you next time.

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 15

No introduction necessary, “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'”


Let’s start off with one that seems to have covered the gamut of all crazy persons, who all happen to be women on that one site, but this one interestingly enough, doesn’t contain a cartoon character or minion, just color transition and a little sign to let you know who created it: “CRAZY Moms R’ Us.” We have had crazy daughters, crazy sisters and now crazy daughters. I’ll let you know if I see crazy grandmothers, aunts, nieces, or BFFFs.


I don’t, but I live in one. I wonder if this meme was made in pride or despair. I see that it was created by me now, and I understand why I used puke green background.


And when you do, make sure you take a picture of your Bible study staging area, and get any food you may be eating at the time in the frame. Pancakes and milk go especially well with God’s word. Leave your glasses off for the time being. They look much better on the Bible than on your face.


Poor Kermit the Frog. I don’t understand the need for people to put a beloved character in a meme and put words to it that in no imagined way matches the actual character of the said… character. I mean seriously?! Kermit was the symbol of strength and sanity among the other insane muppets on the show. He held them together, and now he is just a lame meme with people comparing him to his craziness? Does “shared” even know who Kermit is? Rainbow Connection? “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here…” and all that? HE WAS A STATUE OF STABILITY… and now he lies dormant and perhaps dead thanks to people who have no idea who he is. Not even the current stream of movies, commercials and political commentary can help the poor guy. It’s not easy being green.


So, yes I lived in Utah, and the drivers there were not that great, but I think maybe better than the people here in West Plains. This is obviously made up, sheesh, they couldn’t think of a better name than “Juan Beegdog” and using a perfectly formed USA TODAY logo? How did Seoul Korea, Mexico City and Los Angeles get dragged into all this. I think I can do better. I am going to re-meme this one, hold on a sec…


There. That is much more relevant and makes much more sense. Don’t you think?


I gotta choose 3 of these guys? Why don’t you just ask me which cast from my favorite television show would rescue me when I am captured by terrorists? Ugh… Do I have to? Okay, so probably over a third of them would abandon me because they “work alone.” And the other ones would maybe go off on some saving spree; why stick around with me? A couple would be all giggly as they elongated their saber. This is so fun! Please poke my eyeballs out. Who has forgotten what a fun time the zombie apocalypse can be. Why are we always so prone to violence. I blame the humans.


I mean seriously. Now THAT is funny. It made me go “huh?” because I found one funny enough to share with the world… but who or what is “alamy”?


No comment. eh-hem… weapons of our warfare.


You can’t really get this from looking at this pic, but the original post on that one site made this Jesus so, so, darn white. He came straight outta Woodstock. And, he has 2, count them, 2 quotes. First he says, “I HAVE A PLAN For You….” This was the first thing this meme creator did, and they were like, “nah, it needs something… more… pulling.” Then he types “DO YOU TRUST ME?”… in smaller letters. Ooo, that got them. Right in the spiritual gut.


This person is crazy. I bet it’s a woman… oh, wait never mind. But seriously folks, really? I think this person might need a little perspective. Sure he is a baby now, but when he is 50, he’ll be 50 years old. I don’t think he’ll want his mama around with an attitude like that. “Jim, we’re late filing our taxes.” “Don’t talk to my son that way Doris! I never did like you.” “Mom!” “Shut up son! I fought all your battles for you because when you were a baby you couldn’t do anything, and guess who stood up and defended you when the doctor wanted to give you shots? I did!” “But, Mom?!” “Don’t you ‘but, mom’ me boy. I made a promise on Facebook 200 years ago, and I am still carrying this out. You need defending from this woman and that is what I am here for. Now get on those taxes Doris, before I protect my son some more.”


He does? Well he better start saving now! Because when he gets old… wait a minute. He doesn’t want to send my son, he wants you to send his son. You Better Get Crackin’ America! This boy ain’t getting to college on his own ya know!


Oh really…? Mr. hope&humor wants to pray for me? What a good natured guy. Having us comment on his photo, JUST so he can pray for you, see? He’s a whole-hearted, glasses-wearin’, beard-spotin’, praying kind of guy. No, seriously. Comment your prayers, so he can pray for you. I can see he is not getting through to you. He is very serious about praying for you. You know you need him. Comment. Go on… do it. I can wait…

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 14

I’ve gathered enough memes from that one site to make another entry of *drumroll* “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'” And today’s episode is a doozy. It looks like people have been posting a lot of nonsensical stuff, so let’s get right to it…


Who is this guy? Wow! Why would we want a guy that would barely fit in the White House? I mean look at him, he’s huge! And… transparent? And why is he stuck in that box? Poor guy. I bet he doesn’t even know that people are making fun of him being in the White House and stuff. It’s not enough that you can barely see him. Wait a sec, I need a closer look at that box in the bottom corner, I need to see who did this… Man, I can hardly see it, it’s all blurry like. Oh well, I don’t care anyway.


What is this all about? I hate minion memes and this one has got to top the TACKY list! The meme even says “Keep this rose…” I am assuming it is a quote from somewhere else and some doofus attached an ill-colored minion to it.


“MYMOTHERMYPARADISE”? Who is this group? this picture looks like it would fit well as an alternate rock band’s album cover from the early 90’s. And what the heck is happening. Are those baby chicks dead and the mother has stripped off all her feathers in a feeble bird attempt to cover them up? Or is the mom in a bird coma and the baby chicks ripped the feathers off, and in her dream coma the mother bird sheds a tear?


Oh those chemistry guys, they so funny! That bottom part artistically says “Single Dad Laughing” as well as DANOAH.COM. I’m gonna go check it out. Hold on… Okay, that is the SDL, and his tagline is “We have a lot of fun around here,” which is what it says below. And, it looks like he is having lots of fun… I guess.


I hope some pizzeria in New Jersey didn’t make this meme, because it is HORRIBLE.


You’ve seen these before, and they seem to be taking over that one site. Isn’t the thing on your right always the mouse? Or do they mean farther, like the antique pie cooling cabinet? Or maybe even farther, like on the other side of the wall, like our riding mower or the house next door. I don’t get this game. It’s not very fun. I’m done playing.


Ugh. Minions again. The person couldn’t at least attempted to make that things hair grey?


You’ve seen this one too. Who is sponsoring this? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have. And the answer I imagine would be a very creepy person… Think about it.


What is there something on the floor and the framing of the picture is bad?


I’m not. I was never a play in the mud kind of kid. I was more like an exploring the abandoned house kind of kid. This is a tough decision: a diseased mud child, or phone zombie… Don’t make me choose.


This one seems familiar somehow… Oh, here it is, from entry 5 in “Huh?” Why is it that these daughter and sisters are always the crazy ones? And who is Sylvester the cat supposed to be? The sister or the sister?


I didn’t mind this weak little meme, it’s just that when I first saw it I had the perfect idea for a re-memeing. Hold on a sec, I’ll be back with a new one…



Because we’re tracking your answer!


Heh, heh. That dog is wearing a hat and eating peanut butter.

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 13

Straight from my very own “that one site” news feed, here it is again after a one month hiatus *drumroll*… Memes that make me go, “Huh?” I didn’t visit that one site all the month of March so I didn’t get any memes downloaded to comment on, and at first when I signed back in I didn’t see any memes. But, I should’ve known that it was a fluke, and some great guy’s firing from our local walmart sure has spurred the meme momentum as of late. It was an injustice and if you want to see the story from a Springfield, Missouri station, check this out. Anyway, onto the fun…

This is a quote that I’m sure has been said before, but lately I have been hearing it on the radio associated with the new film, “God Is Not Dead 2.” Since I have been hearing that radio ad over and over again, I have had a struggle about what God glorys in. At one point in the ad, you hear a crowd chanting “God is not dead He is surely alive,” in a protesting sort of way. It really irritates me. It is not a good chant, and how real is it to believe that Christians would actually chant that. I am embarrassed for God in this… But then I wonder, “Should I be?” I suppose God can gain the glory even if it is stupid, am I right? It reminds me of this whole Trump fiasco; I don’t want my liberal relatives believing that in any way I would be associated with who he is nor what he may or may not stand for. In the same way, I don’t want my unbelieving relatives thinking that I am in any way associated with “Christian” things I find lame. But, isn’t God glorified anyway? And then there is the whole “get an amen” thing as well. Moving on…


Thanks for the card, with the… monkey? Wait, is that me, or is that you? That little cute guy doesn’t look like he is dipped in crazy sauce nor a psycho trainwreck. But I suppose it is all perspective, yes?


Do food stamps look like this?


Okay, here is an example of the memes floating around my news feed right now. This guy Frank was the only good thing about walmart down here in little West Plains. It is amazing the amount of support this guy is getting too. I’ve never liked walmart, now I like it even less.


Steven suggests that if you drop all this you’ll become a psycho trainwreck dipped in crazy sauce at the beach wearing a raincoat.


They would? At what may I ask? Hmmm… maybe that hidden message in the back will help. It looks like “cafe p*something something* ss”. Maybe “press”? Cafe Press thinks our founding fathers would be shooting by now? Why the two flags? The original flag plus the new one? I’m sure this guy is talking about the amount of squirrels in our backyard right now, and the fact that I don’t even own an air gun makes him mad that I’m not taking matters in my own hands. Oh well. I think the squirrels will just get ran over out on the street anyway. Those things that the founding fathers would be shooting at will be taken care of soon enough anyway. This one was just awarded the honor of being re-memed by myself. Here we go…


There now. That picture speaks volumes now, doesn’t it?


Posted only for the cultural timeline. California and possibly soon New York is passing a $15/hour minimum wage. Will it make the economy stronger? We may have time enough to see… but I doubt it. That we have time, that is.


I don’t think that is God.


This is borderline psychosis man. Just calm down then and go get some coffee. Like many of the memes I repost here, I wonder about the person who originally conceptualizes their meme. I mean, I know people like coffee, and they get their t-shirts that express their need for coffee instead of violence, but this is really disturbing…


Good statements and such here, well most are alright, but it is the drawing that got me here… Is that an arm? Where is his hand? Is he standing, sitting or squatting? Annnndddd, how can you be a fierce enemy and live by the word of God?


I’m assuming Mao Tse Tung said this? My instincts say he didn’t, although it is a jumbled confusion of guns. Let me see if I can figure out what is being said: Gun=Power, Communism>Guns(?), Communism (does not need) Guns. Nope, doesn’t make sense. Therefore a communist must have said that.


The Thing: Comic books. Spock: TV. Edward Scissorhands: Movies. Paper: Paper. Lizard: I don’t know. It’s not really a funny joke, but why is the conclusion that if you get it, you have great taste in tv shows?


I don’t know who Red Forman is, but he looks grumpy. So is this person saying the older he/she gets the more they identify with… his grumpiness? Oh, yeah. I get it. It is not about grumpiness, but about his grumpiness. I guess I don’t have good enough taste in tv shows to understand this one.


Is this really a billboard? Someone tell me it isn’t…

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 12

Straight from my that one site news feed, it’s “Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?”” Since I have called a halt to all that one site activity you won’t be seeing these posts until after April 1st sometime. Luckily for you I have enough to make one final post oh “Huh?” until then. Let’s get started…


Many of these today are rather funny and the “Huh?” comes from a surprised, curious feeling rather than a confused one. The flourish of that one final line just puts the final kiss to this neat little meme. I like how it is more of just an comment on the confusion of today’s technology compared to the simplicity of yesteryear, and the person’s final glass shattering guffaw at it all by turning to an alcoholic release. If I had but one critique of this meme would be the author’s lack of creating a font that looks as if it was etch-a-sketch. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be fun to have an etch-a-sketch font. I will peruse the internet for a moment and see if they do. Hold on… Oh my, they do have the fonts, and in several varieties as well.


Wot, WOT?! Rather! Quite the fuzzy little man in a robe, is he not? He just screams mentally ill. Har-d-har. I would be so glad my “friend” tagged me in this meme. And BREAKING NEWS, no less, all in caps. We accuse many things as having government origin these days, but deporting this sad little blue cousin of Animal is just not right.


I remember this exact picture being used by someone to illicit the reaction of a wet summer checking on the tomatoes. You should start seeing this clever little set-up more often.


Okay, okay. Don’t freak out. You remember several entries ago when I posted somebody’s opinion about coleslaw and the only good place for it was in the trash and how it came from the Cheech side of Cheech and Chong? Well, I must say that Chong is definitely keeping up his end of the bargain by continuing his drug addled sense of what comedy is. I mean really? How could Chong be so insensitive to all the little babies out there who still love Kermit and using him for your political campaigns. For shame Chong, for shame. Funny, but for shame…


Here is some more drug related comedy. In addition to being off that one site, I am also off sugar this month and it hurts me to see all those little girls selling their sugary sweet addictive treats. I’d love me a sleeve of thin mints right now. Or should I say, I’m jonesing for one.


If Jesus won’t leave you, why are you sitting on a pier next to a body of water looking all dejected and such? And in your pjs no less. All those other things might find you in that foggy green situation, but the final call is all about Jesus. This just won the distinction of being re-memed by me. Give me a couple of minutes…


There you go. You’re welcome.


Yeah, I guess so. What am I to “get” by the way? That farm kids are stupid fer licking the salt lick, if that is what it is. Is it a joke or just an insiders memory? Either way, you are correct rounded edge meme, you are correct.


Who is grading this? Mickey and Donald? What credentials do they have for judging an intelligence test that only makes you think of a word in 10 seconds. They are making a mockery of science in this. I suppose though they are the best judges to be over Goofy though. Anyway, what right do they have for only giving me 10 seconds and how do they know how long I did this. Do they have some sort of timer that records when you scroll past this picture that measures the time until I comment with naturalization, and if it is too long, do I fail? How stupid do they think I am? Disney characters can’t judge my intelligence. I know for a fact that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck judging Porky Pig would make a much better characterization for me than these lame-os.


Someone said about this, “My husband and I are trying to settle a disagreement. Which one is toast?” Ugh, like they think the internet can settle a epoch standing argument such as this. It is obviously 3.


People down south here have these on their cars. I’ve always wondered if their driving is the memory or the car purchase is in memory. Weird. And what kind of Illuminati symbol is this guy flashing.


True. So very, very true.

See you next time. And until then I will be making more Strange Confessions.

Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 11

There are some puzzling things in the world more than just how Trump is winning, and I’ve downloaded them, and now upload them, and make fun of ’em. Here it is, the confusing world of memes. It has been a dry few days for memes and it took me almost 10 days to find enough interesting or confusing memes. It is weird how these come and go, but I see that a lot of them on there are political ones I just don’t want to comment on or all the same stuff over again. Here are a few fresh ones to titillate your “huh” bone. But, since I’m just not that funny, I guess you can just have a quick look-see before you move on, if you’ve, by some weird chance have found yourself here.


Me too. I just wish I could turn invisible, ride a cool bike through a black and white field too.

6785_1018470908189757_3408712700729552622_n - Copy

This reminds me of a co-worker who is always amazed that I don’t like a song or a group that have thousands of followers and made millions of dollars and scaled many a chart. I’m just a bit picky in my choices of music. I think as long as there is people who will buy or listen there will always be so called hacks in the music industry. You just have to dig deeper. Also, they are more about their past than the music.

1936333_10153327017960334_4003835103983464038_n - Copy

It sounded so interesting until they said “whilst”. You don’t use the word whilst in a wolf meme. You just don’t. I have been wondering what this is trying to say to me. It may just be another case of, “this is not actually a meme.” Someone posted it in that way though, and it is just weird. Maybe they should have posted a bunch of other facts about wolves, sort of like a nature documentary in meme form. Their previous post is these two wolves looking at each other from a greater distance and it says, “The outsider from across the valley spies out a new territory and sees the alpha male he must challenge. He notices the harem of female wolves and knows how they will cower under the alpha’s neck.”

12631273_982835841759664_4972254386083473834_n - Copy

If Richard Gere really said this, he needs to be slapped upside the head. This meme just won the distinction of being redone, by me. Give me a minute…


Well now. Isn’t that interesting. In searching for the text of this, since I didn’t want to type it all out, I found out Mr. Gere did not say that. Anyway. I think mine is better.

12705501_1397528167018779_4547788441102783563_n - Copy

Guy all alone sitting on a bench meme. Why is he turned away from us? Is he ashamed of his wrinkles? His scars perhaps? It does look like a nice place to just sit. I bet he doesn’t have to worry about poison ivy.

12734271_1007391142659711_898846383766510509_n - Copy

This is one of the creepiest memes I’ve ever seen. It seems like something I would do to make fun of the picture the person picked for this. Do people not know, that when they pick a meme they would share that the picture should be something heartwarming? Wait. The quote isn’t that heartwarming anyway, but still… Heebie jeebies all over the place.


Now it is in your face. What you gonna do? Whatever it is, it better have the words “Jesus” and “share” in it.

Sad lonely bridge. Bright light. I am horribly unfunny tonight. Until next time…

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