The Stranger returned December 30, 2015 after exclusively writing on his new blog since October 18, 2014. He is now the “Former” Stranger and his site is now “Former Stranger In Rebellion” and focuses more on the funny side of himself as well as bringing back the original, “Strange Confessions.” Visit his new site as well for a more spiritual examination of his life.

[Edited February 5, 2016]

On May 17, 2012, I wrote the very first “Strange Confession” on my personal facebook page. The “Strange Confessions” were quirky bits of historical events or peculiar thoughts I have had in my lifetime. The “Confessions” eventually turned into an analysis of said events or thoughts and how they connect with who I am now, mostly from my Christian point-of-view. In December of that same year I started the Stranger in Rebellion page on facebook. In June of 2013 I started this blog and have added many new subjects to write about. I continue to write “Strange Confessions” but also write reviews of film, television and books. I also summarize any sermon I’ve listened to or Christian conference or class I’ve attended; this is called “Sunday Scrutinization.” I also like to comment on pop culture through different articles I’ve read, and there is the rare political commentary. “My Testimony” is an ongoing project, and I also have a section called “Honesty” where I have to set my opinion straight.

I learn a lot about myself as I write and this is a very personal, yet public journey. I like to see that people visit, like or even comment on something I write. We all appreciate when someone sees, admires and has been thoughtful in regards to things we have created. And yet, I am a realist, knowing that most people don’t know me and couldn’t care less about what I think, believe or feel. I am a Christian who would like to encourage other believers by sharing my struggles, to exhort them to right choices. I may not always be right, but you never get anywhere by keeping your mouth shut, and I would hope to learn a thing or two as well.

Stranger in Rebellion has several connotations I appreciate: You don’t know me, I don’t know you. I am in rebellion against that status quo because this is my open invitation for you to know me. I am also a stranger in this world because of my status as Christian, and being in rebellion means I am striving not to be your standard American Christian; going to church on Sunday and never letting it affect me the rest of the week.

I am 44 years old, grew up Catholic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Became a Christian while dating, and marrying my wife. Moved to West Plains, Missouri after 40 years in the Utah desert.Above all I want to be honest, and I can’t do that where I was, so here I go. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride and see you again soon.

  1. hello Strange..i glad u connect here…and thanks alot for syopping blog and comment..
    U have a great writing blog here..keep writing and enjoy.
    Regards Cyril

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