The Cynical Diaries: The First Episode

I wrote the following this morning on that one site in response to a series of articles that have blown-up on facebook shares recently:

“A: Nobody finds themselves just driving through West Plains, unless you’re in Springfield going to Memphis, which never happens by the way.
2: If you are a celebrity in America, and you are interacting with others, someone is going to recognize you. I don’t care where you are.
C: Being a celebrity will never make you remember a specific street name in an off-hand remark, especially in the way locals say it.
D: They bought him a burger? And, and, he says it was “freakin” delicious? Here, in West Plains? This part was the kicker, along with the mention of a street name. Nobody would recall the kindness of strangers then say the meal was great in some non- specific restaurant. If he remembers the name of a street but not the name of the restaurant where he got the most generic food that people can’t track down, then it’s a lie.
We all joke about how If it is on the internet, then it must be true, then we read some feel good article about celebrity praising our town with indicators all over it that it was fake… There ought to be some sort of seminar to recognize internet fakery. Maybe I’ll help you out with that, consider this your first lesson.

It made me think that I want to continue in this trend of truth exposed in a cynical manner I most enjoy. So here we are. And, a great benefit for me is to continue posting memes that I have neglected for a while. You remember my “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'” don’t you? Well, we’ll be continuing that in my most snarky/cynical way and post stuff that I think everyone should be naturally aware of… if they were as cynical as I. The facebook page is located right here, if you want to follow. Either way, if I post here, I will share there and vice versa.

Let’s continue with some memes I’ve been saving.

As with many of the memes I’ve done in the past, I can’t specifically recall the reason I saved them, and that is so true with this one. It seems like a good saying and I might have downloaded it for a paper or something… if I was into that. Perhaps it was my irony detector of the person saying this. Although, all I really know of Rick Warren is that he wrote a book so many churches use for a summer study, and I am leery of all trends anyway. This meme is actually really good. Very telling and so true of what is going on in the interwebs today.

This stupid little meme follows the genre of facebook posts that feed into your ego… in picture form… with jerkman pointing at me. Did that guys bracelets get all tangled up in foreground girl’s hair and he so nonchalantly yanked it from her head in order to gesticulate at us. How thoughtless of him. No wonder his sister is so glarefully ignoring his arrogance.

You must be stupid. ‘Cause you ain’t no genius that’s fer sure. Of course if you shared without getting it, there is a special place in hell for you. I didn’t get it either. But, I’m less compelled than some I suppose, to prove my genius to my facebook friends. Hmm… I wonder why I saved this one, seeing how it is so much like so much other carp on that one site. Must’ve had something to do with that joint smoking bearded grasshopper at the top of the meme though.


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