Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 21

It has been about 6 weeks since I’ve posted a “Huh?” post, and I have been saving them in a little folder on this here computational device. Given that I unfollowed some folks whose posts were a little too, too, I am a bit unfurled at the amount I’ve accumulated. It was hard to find these and some of them might not be on par with how awesome I am at the comments and the words I usually parley on about, but, they were there and here I go. (Does I even know some of the meanings of the words here… I’m jus’ goofing.)


I find this little tidbit amazing because of the fact that I’m not sure if the poster is saying this in pride or to generate some sort of doubt within others. “Oh my goodness, nows I not so sure if I’ma baptized correctly. I been only baptized in the Son’s name. I may be in the dangers of the fires of hell. I better get on down to church and cover my baptism in Father and Spirit.” Um, all joking aside I know this is some serious business. So serious in fact, that it probably shouldn’t be castigated out to the general audience of facebook.


Thanks “Country Thang” for making this little known thing about them women who fish and pee in the woods. And thanks to the poster who shared it, making me wonder just how close they come to admiring those women as they perform both acts… Sorry.


These types of “pictures” that are shared generate in me some of the reason I do this. So many words… so little thought… Ack! It irks me so when people do this. It is not his proposals it is his communication! Every time I hear a bit from him played my head literally explodes and I have to put it all back together. If he was who he was and could communicate as an authentic human being, with grace and aplomb I’d consider him a bit more carefully. If you know me and have read anything I’ve posted you know where I stand. Although, perhaps I need to have a bit more grace for my “friends” who post this. Things are a bit… difficult in this day and age to remember the grace we are to show with the grace we’ve been given.


It is a different world, isn’t it? Well, I ain’t no expert, but I think he was always a Republican… maybe I heard he was a Whig(?). There might have been more parties, but whatever. Different world.


That is great! I appreciate this jousting at joking so obvious. I, myself, am a bit more dry, shall we say. There you go though.


Maybe with the unfollowing of the usual suspects, we get this kind of stuff. Simple puns and photos. Classic.


I never looked at the comments or looked up the right answer(s) to this perplexing thing with the crying faces that have become common, but, it seems, that there are no squares in this at all. Am I right, or am I right, or am I right? Uh oh, I seem to be getting as negative as the last time. Let’s hope the next one is more… humerus!


Is somebody checking up on these people who needs to be buying tacos for… you? This makes no sense. Wouldn’t the game be more “fun” if when you started typing that is the person you’re buying tacos for? “Hello? Martin? You need to buy me some tacos. And not just some stupid Taco Bell tacos, but those kind you can only get at those food carts, where they call them “carne”. Yeah, pick me up, and buy me tacos. I’ll be waiting.”


This one is funny. I like that someone thought of this. Very funny. I’m just gonna keep typing here. Yeah, Keith Richards is going to live forever. Hilarious. Can you see how much fun I’m having?


Okay… but if you like them so much, why not just do it now? It can’t be that expensive. Probably not more than a hundred bucks or so if you buy in bulk?


So a flaming unicorn had to come and tell us this in front of an Anarcho-Syndicalism flag. Yep, I looked it up. And boy, are these people getting their message across.


Okay, I get it. My kids were homeschooled. So, you gotta use the phrase, “Be Like:” That so takes away what you gotta say. It’s like saying “René Vilatte be like: I don’t fit well within the Catholic Church, ’cause they don’t fit in well with me.”


I hoped this was sarcasm but I really doubt it. They might think this is a great time to be alive because your cookie doesn’t fall apart before that magic moment when they are moist enough but not too moist. Yeah, I guess I get this… but, ugh, facebook.


There is something going on here I don’t know about. But, I couldn’t care less. That’s right; my care about this has hit bottom… Oh, wait. I saved, posted and commented about this. So, I guess I care. A little.


Okay, hold up there John Grisham; republicans will have a stroke after seeing this??? I know you have a callous view of republicans, which is why I appreciate your friendship, but… wait. You’re kidding right? I don’t consider myself a republican, at least not since about 2008 or more, but your provocative image will not gain you any girlfriends. Ha. You hear that John? No, girlfriends. Wait, I’m sorry John. Come back! I don’t know what I’ll do without a close communist friend like you! Give me a second chance. We all need people in our life who challenge us. Maybe I just felt we were getting too close, and I was trying to drive you away. My brain is weird like that. Can you forgive me please? Whew… Thanks friend. I knew you were of the forgiving type. Just ease up on what may or may not give those poor republicans a stroke. They’re having a bad year.


Interesting choices here. Plain font. High contrast lonely tree photo. Shocking juxtaposition. Thank you “Matapropos,” thank you.


Really? Do I have to say ANYTHING about this?


Keanu? You came out of hiding just to get this picture taken and get these words posted on it? I believe Keanu. I believe you because of this single picture. But don’t you realize that every “system” will eventually become that, “system”? It is not the system, it is the people, more specifically, the sinners, of which we all are, who are the problem. Sorry, oh so serious Keanu. Sorry.


Sponge Bob is everywhere. And I usually get what the square one is telling me… but, HUH?


Who is this guy? I really hope… Oh, I don’t know what I hope. That this is seriously serious. And should be potentially relayed by some other means. Maybe someone will get it. I hope we all will. We all have a story, don’t we?


This is like the “Be Like:” garbage up above. With all these political things going on right now, all I hear is the Wicked Witch melting and saying, “What a world! What a world…”


Why? If this was me, and I was that passionate about pineapples on pizza, I’d be like (tee-hee) typing on that one site, “I like pineapples on pizza even if you might not. So there.”

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