Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 18

And now, once again, it is time for the 18th round of the most confusing memes that show up on that one site’s news feed.


Check. Check. Check. Check. Check, aaannnnddd, check. But Daystaaaaarrrr, nothing is still happening.


This episode of “Huh?” will seem to be filled with all kinds of Christian memes, as we seem to be panicking(?) by the way the world is working out, and that one site is the greatest place to show your encouragement. This poster didn’t seem to see the irony in this meme, so let me point it out. Lions were a kind of weapon used against, and successfully I might say, Christians. They ate ’em. Ripped ’em up and kilt them. Irony.


In our panic about the future, the other memes that seem to be so prevalent is the “Remember These?” type. We either gotta do the encouraging thing or try to make each other forget about the future. So make sure that your wall is filled with all this stuff to make sure we forget about the world for a while.


Whoa! I don’t know what news story prompted this call to legalize throat punches to idiots, but calm down. And do these guys know their service to this country is now used in creating memes.


Yup. So follow Linus’ example, because cartoon characters make the best.




Here is poor Kermit again, being used for your stupid little thoughts… it is kind of ironic, is it not?


I went back to Utah a couple of weekends ago, and… I… loved it! We even came back down to I-70 and touched Southern Utah. Oh how I missed the mountains, and the DRY HEAT. I have hardly begun to be acclimated to this Missouri humidity. So, this meme is a little wrong and the person hasn’t ever experienced both.


Ugh. I hate this stuff. Why do people insist on turning every mediocre thing that dazzles them in even the slightest towards the word “Porn”? Space Porn. Word Porn. Food Porn. Why? Even this nice little word pile has gotten all dirty from the adjective involved. I guess it won’t be long until someone posts a bible verse and at the bottom it’ll say “Gospel Porn.” I don’t know. Maybe I’m a prude. Yes, that is it. I’m a prude.


Ah, the memories.


Oh my, Monkey Bologna! This is just… I’m suffering a little Deja Vu here. Anyway, yes, just keep focused, because it is All ABOUT to HAPPEN! You’ve almost won the prayerathon. A prayer is a wish come true. (You gotta sing that last line.)


Yeah, because it was only 13 years ago. Time for a rememing!


This movie was made in 1917. That was only 99 years ago. There has got to be someone on that one site who remembers watching Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Oh the memories. Thanks again facebook from distracting us from the horrors of this world.


I saw this one and it made me really go “Huh?” Like, are we bragging here? Living here has made me really start hating buffets, and now I got someone bragging about their funky food balancing skills and then they’re gonna go and eat all that. No, sir. Do not want. Do not want at all.


Oh, yeah! I was going to rememe this one too! Wait a sec.


There. Kind of makes you think of other memes we’ve seen today. Oh, man; All the “good” things God has got in store for us… Aaaahhhhhh……..


This was posted by a person whose spouse is gone to Atlanta, to a classic education conference along with 18 other people, including my wife. But let me just tell you: this is not me.


“My head hurts as I walk on this beach. And why are all these words following me?”

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  1. Hey, that’s Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, OR!

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