Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 16

In the last episode of “Memes” I shared it on facebook on my own personal page because someone was wondering why they don’t see them. Then I worried a bit because I wondered what some people thought of me sharing their memes, or liking memes, or commenting on memes and then making fun of said memes, for I did not see any posted for quite some time. But like all cultural phenomena in this here technological age it came back around again and I have seen quite a few in the past few days. So, without further ado, here it is, where I make fun of your sometimes fun, sometimes ridiculous, but always makes me go, “Huh?” it is “Memes that make me go, “Huh?”


So going right is ending up at the top of that cliff? Is that what this is saying to me? Well, whatever it is saying I know this much, that if I was going up there… a lot will go wrong, and the imaginary force I feel pushing me off of high places would gain physical composition and I would die. End quote.


This is a weird little multi-meme. That is what I’m a gonna call these; multi-memes. They couldn’t set themselves straight on what kind of art or character, or who even decides what their perspective of themselves really is… Am I a stereotypical granny, or am I Eeyore? Should I just do a little heart art that sums up my feelings? Well, either way, they made sure their tag is on there a couple of times. An interesting quote from a site called “Shut Up I’m Still Talking.”


Do you see it? Of course you do! Why does facebook feel the need to test us all the time. Well, you see, it is all part of a governmental program that makes sure you see it. Whatever.


That is not my daughter, and that is not my daughter. The gall someone has in telling me that top one is my daughter! Perhaps it would have been more nice to say something like… oh I don’t know, “Your world, my world.” or “Your culture, my culture.” or “Your ideology, my ideology.” Or maybe stay the whole heck away from trying to start an arguement, like “This is someone’s idea of what constitutes beauty fashioned in the lives of our young people, which is what I am against because this sexualizes our daughters beyond cultural decency unless you live in the backwoods of some non-descript backwoods state and are married to your cousin and only eat anything covered in gravy, while conversely I myself am going against many of these cultural norms and am training my daughter to defend herself through the knowledge and use of a well made American firearm.” …Although that might not fit on the picture. Maybe “Your daughter, my daughter,” is best.


I want to understand this… maybe? As stated many times previously, I don’t get the whole Trump thing, and I believe a Trump presidency will further lower the quality of our memes. I mean, look, the guy couldn’t even photoshop his face facing the correct direction: toward the whatever he is yelling at. Sad, very, very sad.


Okay. I don’t talk much about my work on my blogs, but I just had to bring this one up, for I work very closely with copiers. I believe this is from reddit or some such I have no idea about, but they know nothing about printers. No one would ever, never, ever tell you to turn on and off a printer if you indicated that it was out of ink. And that is toner by the way! What hurts the most is that I believe a relative of mine posted this and they did not even think to consult me before posting this. Oh! The horror…


I sort of like this meme, but I can’t forgive the perspective of this. There is no way this guy is facing his younger self, it is all off, and then the coloring and antique look gives it a creepy vibe. **shudder**


Oh, I like this one. The symbolism and vision and simple text. I’d really like to know how they did this. This is another meme example of me going, “Huh?” as in I am surprisingly impressed.


This person obviously wants tear down facebook and throw the world into chaos. Seriously, who doesn’t like the smell of bacon in the morning… it is all such a pointless meme. Wait a second, I didn’t like and share this! I better go back there and find it, then do the right thing by liking and sharing… Nah. That’s too much work.13124856_1191376900881967_6778502376859479733_n

This was a new one on me… The thing that really got me, no, I mean really got me, was the statement at the very end, “I want my like.” You want your like????? What planet am I living on? Did I enter into some alternate dimension as I fell asleep since 1991? God, please take me now. That whole last three lines is one sentence. He says, “You” as in me, “went to check it” which is quite presumptuous, “and I was messing with you,” really? You were messing with… me? and there is a comma, with that final temper tantrum throwing implication that this person deserves some recognition? Who shared this? Man I wish I noted that. Why don’t people all over facebook just post a picture of a puppy and over it say, “I want my like,” like the impish little vile creatures that this world has turned us all into. Here, I am going to re-meme just that…. multiple times. And I am going to post them on my facebook once in a while just to see what people say.

babies-crying-cute-crying-baby enhanced-12644-1426038981-1 impossibly-cute-puppy-2 tumblr_lbtwh922VX1qejf28o1_500

There. Now join me in the #iwantmylike revolution!


Dependable. Reliable. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.


We do? First time I saw this I thought this lady had one of those dentist towels on the front of her and I thought, “What in the what?” What is she loving a new dentist, a new set of teeth? Yeah, I’m weird too. No one deserves this, but, it doesn’t hurt. Ugh, I think I just threw up a little.


First time I saw this I wanted to punch both of these people. Oh, man, now the barf is really coming up……. Whew, I’m back……… No, I’m really back now. I still want to punch them and unknown who wrote this, and Love is Answer person. Everyone needs to be punched involved in this. Wait a second… I got a great idea to make this better…


I can easily get over my feeling of wanting to punch these two lovebirds!


And all my pens must be out of ink. This one makes me laugh a bit. What are you trying to tell me with this one? Simple, gradient orange.


I posted a meme from this guy last time, go ahead and check it out. This time he used a drawing of himself and not an actual photo. His drawing looks cooler. His t-shirt is… cooler? His quote: I cannot stop laughing. Seriously, I cannot stop laughing.



See you next time.

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