Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 15

No introduction necessary, “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'”


Let’s start off with one that seems to have covered the gamut of all crazy persons, who all happen to be women on that one site, but this one interestingly enough, doesn’t contain a cartoon character or minion, just color transition and a little sign to let you know who created it: “CRAZY Moms R’ Us.” We have had crazy daughters, crazy sisters and now crazy daughters. I’ll let you know if I see crazy grandmothers, aunts, nieces, or BFFFs.


I don’t, but I live in one. I wonder if this meme was made in pride or despair. I see that it was created by me now, and I understand why I used puke green background.


And when you do, make sure you take a picture of your Bible study staging area, and get any food you may be eating at the time in the frame. Pancakes and milk go especially well with God’s word. Leave your glasses off for the time being. They look much better on the Bible than on your face.


Poor Kermit the Frog. I don’t understand the need for people to put a beloved character in a meme and put words to it that in no imagined way matches the actual character of the said… character. I mean seriously?! Kermit was the symbol of strength and sanity among the other insane muppets on the show. He held them together, and now he is just a lame meme with people comparing him to his craziness? Does “shared” even know who Kermit is? Rainbow Connection? “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here…” and all that? HE WAS A STATUE OF STABILITY… and now he lies dormant and perhaps dead thanks to people who have no idea who he is. Not even the current stream of movies, commercials and political commentary can help the poor guy. It’s not easy being green.


So, yes I lived in Utah, and the drivers there were not that great, but I think maybe better than the people here in West Plains. This is obviously made up, sheesh, they couldn’t think of a better name than “Juan Beegdog” and using a perfectly formed USA TODAY logo? How did Seoul Korea, Mexico City and Los Angeles get dragged into all this. I think I can do better. I am going to re-meme this one, hold on a sec…


There. That is much more relevant and makes much more sense. Don’t you think?


I gotta choose 3 of these guys? Why don’t you just ask me which cast from my favorite television show would rescue me when I am captured by terrorists? Ugh… Do I have to? Okay, so probably over a third of them would abandon me because they “work alone.” And the other ones would maybe go off on some saving spree; why stick around with me? A couple would be all giggly as they elongated their saber. This is so fun! Please poke my eyeballs out. Who has forgotten what a fun time the zombie apocalypse can be. Why are we always so prone to violence. I blame the humans.


I mean seriously. Now THAT is funny. It made me go “huh?” because I found one funny enough to share with the world… but who or what is “alamy”?


No comment. eh-hem… weapons of our warfare.


You can’t really get this from looking at this pic, but the original post on that one site made this Jesus so, so, darn white. He came straight outta Woodstock. And, he has 2, count them, 2 quotes. First he says, “I HAVE A PLAN For You….” This was the first thing this meme creator did, and they were like, “nah, it needs something… more… pulling.” Then he types “DO YOU TRUST ME?”… in smaller letters. Ooo, that got them. Right in the spiritual gut.


This person is crazy. I bet it’s a woman… oh, wait never mind. But seriously folks, really? I think this person might need a little perspective. Sure he is a baby now, but when he is 50, he’ll be 50 years old. I don’t think he’ll want his mama around with an attitude like that. “Jim, we’re late filing our taxes.” “Don’t talk to my son that way Doris! I never did like you.” “Mom!” “Shut up son! I fought all your battles for you because when you were a baby you couldn’t do anything, and guess who stood up and defended you when the doctor wanted to give you shots? I did!” “But, Mom?!” “Don’t you ‘but, mom’ me boy. I made a promise on Facebook 200 years ago, and I am still carrying this out. You need defending from this woman and that is what I am here for. Now get on those taxes Doris, before I protect my son some more.”


He does? Well he better start saving now! Because when he gets old… wait a minute. He doesn’t want to send my son, he wants you to send his son. You Better Get Crackin’ America! This boy ain’t getting to college on his own ya know!


Oh really…? Mr. hope&humor wants to pray for me? What a good natured guy. Having us comment on his photo, JUST so he can pray for you, see? He’s a whole-hearted, glasses-wearin’, beard-spotin’, praying kind of guy. No, seriously. Comment your prayers, so he can pray for you. I can see he is not getting through to you. He is very serious about praying for you. You know you need him. Comment. Go on… do it. I can wait…

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  1. I found that cars with Idaho plates, driving around in Utah, had the worst drivers in them…

  2. I have definitely seen the “crazy aunt” meme . . . and my recollection is that it involved Minions. I think the worst drivers are everyone else other than myself usually, regardless of state.

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