Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 14

I’ve gathered enough memes from that one site to make another entry of *drumroll* “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'” And today’s episode is a doozy. It looks like people have been posting a lot of nonsensical stuff, so let’s get right to it…


Who is this guy? Wow! Why would we want a guy that would barely fit in the White House? I mean look at him, he’s huge! And… transparent? And why is he stuck in that box? Poor guy. I bet he doesn’t even know that people are making fun of him being in the White House and stuff. It’s not enough that you can barely see him. Wait a sec, I need a closer look at that box in the bottom corner, I need to see who did this… Man, I can hardly see it, it’s all blurry like. Oh well, I don’t care anyway.


What is this all about? I hate minion memes and this one has got to top the TACKY list! The meme even says “Keep this rose…” I am assuming it is a quote from somewhere else and some doofus attached an ill-colored minion to it.


“MYMOTHERMYPARADISE”? Who is this group? this picture looks like it would fit well as an alternate rock band’s album cover from the early 90’s. And what the heck is happening. Are those baby chicks dead and the mother has stripped off all her feathers in a feeble bird attempt to cover them up? Or is the mom in a bird coma and the baby chicks ripped the feathers off, and in her dream coma the mother bird sheds a tear?


Oh those chemistry guys, they so funny! That bottom part artistically says “Single Dad Laughing” as well as DANOAH.COM. I’m gonna go check it out. Hold on… Okay, that is the SDL, and his tagline is “We have a lot of fun around here,” which is what it says below. And, it looks like he is having lots of fun… I guess.


I hope some pizzeria in New Jersey didn’t make this meme, because it is HORRIBLE.


You’ve seen these before, and they seem to be taking over that one site. Isn’t the thing on your right always the mouse? Or do they mean farther, like the antique pie cooling cabinet? Or maybe even farther, like on the other side of the wall, like our riding mower or the house next door. I don’t get this game. It’s not very fun. I’m done playing.


Ugh. Minions again. The person couldn’t at least attempted to make that things hair grey?


You’ve seen this one too. Who is sponsoring this? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have. And the answer I imagine would be a very creepy person… Think about it.


What is there something on the floor and the framing of the picture is bad?


I’m not. I was never a play in the mud kind of kid. I was more like an exploring the abandoned house kind of kid. This is a tough decision: a diseased mud child, or phone zombie… Don’t make me choose.


This one seems familiar somehow… Oh, here it is, from entry 5 in “Huh?” Why is it that these daughter and sisters are always the crazy ones? And who is Sylvester the cat supposed to be? The sister or the sister?


I didn’t mind this weak little meme, it’s just that when I first saw it I had the perfect idea for a re-memeing. Hold on a sec, I’ll be back with a new one…



Because we’re tracking your answer!


Heh, heh. That dog is wearing a hat and eating peanut butter.

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