Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 13

Straight from my very own “that one site” news feed, here it is again after a one month hiatus *drumroll*… Memes that make me go, “Huh?” I didn’t visit that one site all the month of March so I didn’t get any memes downloaded to comment on, and at first when I signed back in I didn’t see any memes. But, I should’ve known that it was a fluke, and some great guy’s firing from our local walmart sure has spurred the meme momentum as of late. It was an injustice and if you want to see the story from a Springfield, Missouri station, check this out. Anyway, onto the fun…

This is a quote that I’m sure has been said before, but lately I have been hearing it on the radio associated with the new film, “God Is Not Dead 2.” Since I have been hearing that radio ad over and over again, I have had a struggle about what God glorys in. At one point in the ad, you hear a crowd chanting “God is not dead He is surely alive,” in a protesting sort of way. It really irritates me. It is not a good chant, and how real is it to believe that Christians would actually chant that. I am embarrassed for God in this… But then I wonder, “Should I be?” I suppose God can gain the glory even if it is stupid, am I right? It reminds me of this whole Trump fiasco; I don’t want my liberal relatives believing that in any way I would be associated with who he is nor what he may or may not stand for. In the same way, I don’t want my unbelieving relatives thinking that I am in any way associated with “Christian” things I find lame. But, isn’t God glorified anyway? And then there is the whole “get an amen” thing as well. Moving on…


Thanks for the card, with the… monkey? Wait, is that me, or is that you? That little cute guy doesn’t look like he is dipped in crazy sauce nor a psycho trainwreck. But I suppose it is all perspective, yes?


Do food stamps look like this?


Okay, here is an example of the memes floating around my news feed right now. This guy Frank was the only good thing about walmart down here in little West Plains. It is amazing the amount of support this guy is getting too. I’ve never liked walmart, now I like it even less.


Steven suggests that if you drop all this you’ll become a psycho trainwreck dipped in crazy sauce at the beach wearing a raincoat.


They would? At what may I ask? Hmmm… maybe that hidden message in the back will help. It looks like “cafe p*something something* ss”. Maybe “press”? Cafe Press thinks our founding fathers would be shooting by now? Why the two flags? The original flag plus the new one? I’m sure this guy is talking about the amount of squirrels in our backyard right now, and the fact that I don’t even own an air gun makes him mad that I’m not taking matters in my own hands. Oh well. I think the squirrels will just get ran over out on the street anyway. Those things that the founding fathers would be shooting at will be taken care of soon enough anyway. This one was just awarded the honor of being re-memed by myself. Here we go…


There now. That picture speaks volumes now, doesn’t it?


Posted only for the cultural timeline. California and possibly soon New York is passing a $15/hour minimum wage. Will it make the economy stronger? We may have time enough to see… but I doubt it. That we have time, that is.


I don’t think that is God.


This is borderline psychosis man. Just calm down then and go get some coffee. Like many of the memes I repost here, I wonder about the person who originally conceptualizes their meme. I mean, I know people like coffee, and they get their t-shirts that express their need for coffee instead of violence, but this is really disturbing…


Good statements and such here, well most are alright, but it is the drawing that got me here… Is that an arm? Where is his hand? Is he standing, sitting or squatting? Annnndddd, how can you be a fierce enemy and live by the word of God?


I’m assuming Mao Tse Tung said this? My instincts say he didn’t, although it is a jumbled confusion of guns. Let me see if I can figure out what is being said: Gun=Power, Communism>Guns(?), Communism (does not need) Guns. Nope, doesn’t make sense. Therefore a communist must have said that.


The Thing: Comic books. Spock: TV. Edward Scissorhands: Movies. Paper: Paper. Lizard: I don’t know. It’s not really a funny joke, but why is the conclusion that if you get it, you have great taste in tv shows?


I don’t know who Red Forman is, but he looks grumpy. So is this person saying the older he/she gets the more they identify with… his grumpiness? Oh, yeah. I get it. It is not about grumpiness, but about his grumpiness. I guess I don’t have good enough taste in tv shows to understand this one.


Is this really a billboard? Someone tell me it isn’t…

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  1. Whew, glad this series is back so you can analyze them for me!

  2. Michael D. Kimpton

    The “If you get the Joke you have great taste in tv shows” one is a “Big Bang Theory” joke, where there’s a joke where they expand Rock Paper Scissors, with other hand gestures, to “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock”…..

    And considering I don’t like The Big Bang Theory, I don’t think I qualify for having great taste in TV shows… In short, it’s a silly meme that makes which someone took way more time than was needed to do it.

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