Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 12

Straight from my that one site news feed, it’s “Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?”” Since I have called a halt to all that one site activity you won’t be seeing these posts until after April 1st sometime. Luckily for you I have enough to make one final post oh “Huh?” until then. Let’s get started…


Many of these today are rather funny and the “Huh?” comes from a surprised, curious feeling rather than a confused one. The flourish of that one final line just puts the final kiss to this neat little meme. I like how it is more of just an comment on the confusion of today’s technology compared to the simplicity of yesteryear, and the person’s final glass shattering guffaw at it all by turning to an alcoholic release. If I had but one critique of this meme would be the author’s lack of creating a font that looks as if it was etch-a-sketch. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be fun to have an etch-a-sketch font. I will peruse the internet for a moment and see if they do. Hold on… Oh my, they do have the fonts, and in several varieties as well.


Wot, WOT?! Rather! Quite the fuzzy little man in a robe, is he not? He just screams mentally ill. Har-d-har. I would be so glad my “friend” tagged me in this meme. And BREAKING NEWS, no less, all in caps. We accuse many things as having government origin these days, but deporting this sad little blue cousin of Animal is just not right.


I remember this exact picture being used by someone to illicit the reaction of a wet summer checking on the tomatoes. You should start seeing this clever little set-up more often.


Okay, okay. Don’t freak out. You remember several entries ago when I posted somebody’s opinion about coleslaw and the only good place for it was in the trash and how it came from the Cheech side of Cheech and Chong? Well, I must say that Chong is definitely keeping up his end of the bargain by continuing his drug addled sense of what comedy is. I mean really? How could Chong be so insensitive to all the little babies out there who still love Kermit and using him for your political campaigns. For shame Chong, for shame. Funny, but for shame…


Here is some more drug related comedy. In addition to being off that one site, I am also off sugar this month and it hurts me to see all those little girls selling their sugary sweet addictive treats. I’d love me a sleeve of thin mints right now. Or should I say, I’m jonesing for one.


If Jesus won’t leave you, why are you sitting on a pier next to a body of water looking all dejected and such? And in your pjs no less. All those other things might find you in that foggy green situation, but the final call is all about Jesus. This just won the distinction of being re-memed by me. Give me a couple of minutes…


There you go. You’re welcome.


Yeah, I guess so. What am I to “get” by the way? That farm kids are stupid fer licking the salt lick, if that is what it is. Is it a joke or just an insiders memory? Either way, you are correct rounded edge meme, you are correct.


Who is grading this? Mickey and Donald? What credentials do they have for judging an intelligence test that only makes you think of a word in 10 seconds. They are making a mockery of science in this. I suppose though they are the best judges to be over Goofy though. Anyway, what right do they have for only giving me 10 seconds and how do they know how long I did this. Do they have some sort of timer that records when you scroll past this picture that measures the time until I comment with naturalization, and if it is too long, do I fail? How stupid do they think I am? Disney characters can’t judge my intelligence. I know for a fact that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck judging Porky Pig would make a much better characterization for me than these lame-os.


Someone said about this, “My husband and I are trying to settle a disagreement. Which one is toast?” Ugh, like they think the internet can settle a epoch standing argument such as this. It is obviously 3.


People down south here have these on their cars. I’ve always wondered if their driving is the memory or the car purchase is in memory. Weird. And what kind of Illuminati symbol is this guy flashing.


True. So very, very true.

See you next time. And until then I will be making more Strange Confessions.

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