Dear God Man, Don’t Vote for Trump

I just came across this video that I had heard about during the day today. It is about 20 minutes that you need to spend watching if you are in anyway thinking that Donald Trump is the man that could be our next president. Truthfully, I already knew all this, except for the Drumpf part, but John Oliver delivers it in a way that it completely deserves. Watch it! I’m looking at you Floyd, I’m looking at you.

[The video was removed because even though I agree with the instances John Oliver brings up, it may be deemed offensive to people who are looking for sound political commentary and he uses the same tactics I find so offensive in Donald Trump. I only posted this because I believe John Oliver has the means to make what so many people are ignoring about Trump, because they are ignorant and/or do not want to educate themselves about things beyond the hollow promises he is making. Even though I knew of the things John Oliver speaks about, his delivery brings the argument down to an immature level beyond what political discourse should be. Please forgive me.]

I have been darn surprised by the fact that so many people are endorsing this joke of a quasi-man, but there are the few who are coming out when they would have never said anything about politics before. And there are many others. I don’t think it’ll do anything for the way this is going on this “Super Tuesday” election. The reason I have come out so against him myself, is that he is so far from what I believe represents conservatism, decency, truth, character, that I have to speak up. Sure most of those qualities are not normally used to describe any political candidate these days, but I don’t want to have one person believing that since I am conservative, think that I am associated with this steam-roller candidacy. It is all God ordained I am sure, but my feeble mind can’t imagine the loss our society has suffered since the election of Bill Clinton, and I voted for that guy! Only the first time though. I remember my Nana saying to the television during the Clinton hearings about Monica, “Just leave him alone. What he does in his private life doesn’t matter to the good he does as president.” And then there was Bush II. People actually said that they didn’t want his faith to play a part in the decisions he makes for this country. I just about ripped my hair out at that point. Then we get a guy who runs on hope and change, and all our hope is gone and he didn’t change a thing. Politics, politics, Politics! Yarrgghhh! That is why we have Trump and I guess he is the candidate we deserve. Whomever we vote for in office this year, I vote for the one who will finish of America and our culture the quickest.

But I digress… Lord, You are our God. You are the one I depend on no matter what trials I myself am put through or the country You so graciously allowed me to be in at this moment in time, is put through. For you honor your people with trust. You give us this moment to spread the word about You. As I said before, so I’ll say again, there is no man who can offer any true hope, peace and security such as You can my God. I give you the glory whether you allow Donald Trump to be the man on the Republican ticket or not. You love him Lord as You love me. You love him in his shallow surety, and me in my prideful anxiety. You created each of us. He will have a great awakening Lord if he is to proceed all the way to the white house, that this leadership role is not what he expected it to be. Humble him Lord as You humble me everyday. And if there is another candidate who gets to the white house Lord, I pray that they bring Your name there. At least that there is honor and decency and character spoken of again. That those words are not just by-words, but that they carry weight and meaning. Humble Your servants Lord. Humble them once again.

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    Hello Mark, I just listened to part of the video about Donald Trump and I am a bit confused and have a few honest questions for you. First of all, when whats his name started off his dialogue by saying “every time Donald Trump hears his own name, he has an orgasm”, I was a bit turned of already. I continued to listen and he continued to make crude comments. I lost any respect for whoever this guy is very quickly and only lasted about five minutes before I had to shut it off. When I saw your post, I was expecting some quality journalistic criticism, but found anything but that. Why am I confused? In your demotion of Trump you chose to select a spokesperson that seems to be ruder and cruder than Trump himself. What gives? Two quick questions: 1. Are you only listening to Trump haters or are you at the same time listening to what Trump has to say? 2. Have you thought about the possible repercussion of all the Trump bashing that is going on, that it may eventually make it much easier for a Hillary victory? And this may be the very intention of many of those who are doing the bashing. I know some people say that we should not talk about politics or religion. I disagree. I believer that mature adults should be able to talk about anything in an intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual manner. I would not even bring this matter up with many of my acquaintances but see you as a person that is willing and able to discuss such matters without offense or defense. Looking forward to hearing your response. Brian

    Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 22:47:25 +0000 To:

  2. See my edit to the post. Thank you for you thoughts, and I am glad you feel free to comment to me about this. By the way, feel free to comment any positive comments when you agree with something.

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