Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 11

There are some puzzling things in the world more than just how Trump is winning, and I’ve downloaded them, and now upload them, and make fun of ’em. Here it is, the confusing world of memes. It has been a dry few days for memes and it took me almost 10 days to find enough interesting or confusing memes. It is weird how these come and go, but I see that a lot of them on there are political ones I just don’t want to comment on or all the same stuff over again. Here are a few fresh ones to titillate your “huh” bone. But, since I’m just not that funny, I guess you can just have a quick look-see before you move on, if you’ve, by some weird chance have found yourself here.


Me too. I just wish I could turn invisible, ride a cool bike through a black and white field too.

6785_1018470908189757_3408712700729552622_n - Copy

This reminds me of a co-worker who is always amazed that I don’t like a song or a group that have thousands of followers and made millions of dollars and scaled many a chart. I’m just a bit picky in my choices of music. I think as long as there is people who will buy or listen there will always be so called hacks in the music industry. You just have to dig deeper. Also, they are more about their past than the music.

1936333_10153327017960334_4003835103983464038_n - Copy

It sounded so interesting until they said “whilst”. You don’t use the word whilst in a wolf meme. You just don’t. I have been wondering what this is trying to say to me. It may just be another case of, “this is not actually a meme.” Someone posted it in that way though, and it is just weird. Maybe they should have posted a bunch of other facts about wolves, sort of like a nature documentary in meme form. Their previous post is these two wolves looking at each other from a greater distance and it says, “The outsider from across the valley spies out a new territory and sees the alpha male he must challenge. He notices the harem of female wolves and knows how they will cower under the alpha’s neck.”

12631273_982835841759664_4972254386083473834_n - Copy

If Richard Gere really said this, he needs to be slapped upside the head. This meme just won the distinction of being redone, by me. Give me a minute…


Well now. Isn’t that interesting. In searching for the text of this, since I didn’t want to type it all out, I found out Mr. Gere did not say that. Anyway. I think mine is better.

12705501_1397528167018779_4547788441102783563_n - Copy

Guy all alone sitting on a bench meme. Why is he turned away from us? Is he ashamed of his wrinkles? His scars perhaps? It does look like a nice place to just sit. I bet he doesn’t have to worry about poison ivy.

12734271_1007391142659711_898846383766510509_n - Copy

This is one of the creepiest memes I’ve ever seen. It seems like something I would do to make fun of the picture the person picked for this. Do people not know, that when they pick a meme they would share that the picture should be something heartwarming? Wait. The quote isn’t that heartwarming anyway, but still… Heebie jeebies all over the place.


Now it is in your face. What you gonna do? Whatever it is, it better have the words “Jesus” and “share” in it.

Sad lonely bridge. Bright light. I am horribly unfunny tonight. Until next time…

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