Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 10

Straight from my news feed on that one site, it’s the quirky, the stupid, the anger inducing memes we’ve all come to love. This episode will try to focus on funny ones, since I became so serious and preachy on the last post… I hope. These memes seem to grow power of their own will when I add them that I did not foresee when I downloaded them off that one site. Now, let’s get hoppin.

1904186_10152322891282150_867836210_n 12118601_1084773244880155_7838700647577313718_n

I put these two together because of how similar they were. I think it funny, “hmmm…” when similar posts like this come on my feed. It is like some blockbuster movie that has a very similar other blockbuster movie released at the same time. The one with Michael J. Fox looks like a painting and it doesn’t even say his name, which makes me go, “Huh?” Did he actually say that? I mean we know Adam Savage said his because his name is right under it and stuff. You know for sure someone said something when their name is under it. And, Elmer’s sponsored that meme. It must have cost them a fortune.


This one was right around the other two and has been floating around a bit. Did Jack Nicholson say this? Nah, I don’t think so. Just another instance of someone getting a semi-clever phrase and finding just the right picture for it. Poor celebrities: living off their millions, not a care in the world, and here we are, the common folk, using them as meme fodder.


This one was posted by a girl I know who goes to Grand Canyon U. and plays volleyball. Can someone please explain the connection?


Here is a new segment in “Memes” in which I am going to try my hand at making a meme better. Here I go… Gimme a sec…


There. How is that?


In fact, make them walk up the haunted staircase where the demon of blinding light awaits.


No. I was just a baby in the ’60s.


This guy? Correct him all you want, because he will appreciate you. Duh! Because obviously he is a wise man. Aren’t all wise men Chinese, old, possibly blind, and carry around chopsticks all the time. And what’s up with who did this one? Maybe it was some new age lawyers office and they wanted to get the word out that they like stereotypes.


Last time I posted one of these “someecards” I surmised that they were stealing that old lady’s bit. Well, I did some research and found out that she is Maxine, and she should sue these people. Here is what I am talking about:


See, I told you so.


I redid a meme that I found last time that was a quote from Mother Teresa. Here is another one that Jimi might look at and wonder what this world has come to. I’d like to show him this some day if I could and see what his reaction would be. I guess he might say something like, “Heeeyyy man, I don’t remember saying nothin’ like that. Did I say that?” But then again, I did not know this master of the axe who guarded the watchtower.

Hyphy Da Spider

The person who originally posted this is named, “Hyphy Da Spider.” I imagine this isn’t her real name, and it is questionable that this girl is “literally” Hyphy Da Spider. Literally!


Hey! I’d like to take a moment to promote my friend’s charity. Visit this site to purchase products that help women keep their dignity. I’m going to let the site speak for itself. Check them out, and nice meme, huh?

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