Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 9

Straight from my news feed on that one site, here are those wonderful, odd, interesting and oh so confounding: Memes that make me go, “Huh?”

943956_10153950445634628_3142639636909295260_nToday is Valentine’s Day. A day so confusing that we lose our minds searching for chocolates and candy in heart-shaped boxes to offer up as sacrifices to the ones we love. Here is a meme that had me wondering about our collision of faith and world. I hear Valentine or Valentinus or whomever, was a saint that was martyred for love… or marrying lovers… or whatever… See, that is my point here. We don’t really know about this Valentine guy. For all we know he cut out the hearts of rivals as offerings to some demi-goddess that gave eternal life in exchange. “Oh, you’re one of those crazy Christians that attack every holiday that has any fun associated with it,” you say. Well, you may be right, and I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.


Grandparents be like not understanding your whole “be like” thing. This is valley girl all over again.


This little tidbit is from “” I gotta say I love the font and the filter, and the picture too. I have to ask though, if I may be so bold: How does God “handle” what we are given. I am assuming that this is some sort of trial or tribulation you’re talking about here, since this is the open road motif symbolizing journey and that sign there is a slippery sign, but I thought that God gives us those because we can’t handle them, and the idea is to trust. If we can handle or just need a little help handling things, where is the growth. I don’t want to be the same person I was yesterday, I want to “handle” more than I did yesterday. I know your sentiment is nice and all, but this is what I do. I want God to “handle” it all. I want me to believe that no matter how dark things might appear, I want to know that I trust Him enough to know that nothing phases me away from His love. “Goll, you’re so picky, It’s just a stupid picture with a dumb saying,” you say. I know, I know, but I want this Christian walk to mean more than thoughtless little pictures with pithy little sayings. I want you beside me, I want Christ inside me, and I want to come to a point in my life where I can trust Him enough to believe that if He says from heaven, “Have you considered my servant Mark?” that I wouldn’t tremble in fear, but know that He is my triumph and I will never fear. “Whatever…” you say. *Sigh*


I am not sure I consider this a meme, but I am drawn to it and repelled at the same time. I love the drawing there, but feel as if I’ve seen it somewhere… I love that the kids mouth covers his whole face. Picture this: The kid’s nose is where it is, but he is looking up. That mouth is a tattoo on his head and face. Kinda changes the whole thing for you, doesn’t it? Kind of a serious question for “A Parent’s Humor” isn’t it as well?


Okay, I’m gonna be on my soapbox here a bit… again. To me, stuff like this, coming from Christians no less, is a little bit fascist, isn’t it? Who ultimately gives us our freedom? A weapon gives us freedom? Sure, it protects us, but to me this is a little about courage. It is the men and women too who died for us as well. We can stand in front of our loved ones with a cannon, or knife, or baseball bat, or our fists, and give the person we are saving an opportunity to live, whether they choose to live in freedom or not. It seems that the freedom we have here in America is dwindling, and saving our guns ain’t gonna change anything until we get to the heart of the matter… sadly, which we probably will never do. And we are gleefully heading down that path.


I’m just going to say, “Huh?” and let it be.


Is that a janitor? It looks like some guy who decided to start seeping the frozen ice hockey place the kids play at, on the coldest day of the year, and then he was frozen to the spot.


I got this one thinking I’d look up whether or not Mother Teresa really did say this or not. And, I’m going to check right now, hold on a bit… Okay, apparently, from what I found, it seems as if she said this. Seems a little hokey, don’t you think? Kind of like you never think about Mother Teresa writing greeting cards for hallmark. She was down in the dredges of society, and putting a couple of heats along with a quote from her seems kind of weird. I am going to remake this… give me a sec…300A-042-25A

Okay, not as professional as some of the others you see here, but it took me less than 2 minutes to find a more appropriate picture. This is a girl with leprosy that Mother Teresa took care of. Granted, Mother Teresa may or may not have done good where she was, (if you read what Christopher Hitchens says about her), but she did love and treat people with dignity as is fitting for the vessel of the image of God, and we should make any memories of her fitting to that idea. That’s my opinion anyway.


I think these are kind of funny, sometimes, maybe to the people who these are about. I have not yet seen one about a copy center manager that makes me laugh yet. Anyway, seems that the popularity of these come like waves on the ocean…


Here is an example of another one I wanted to look up, give me a sec… Wow. Sometimes you learn so much from this stuff, and I’m glad I can bring it to you. Says in one of the things that Scott takes walks at night where he lives in Cambodia to see how the money he raises is being used and that the people are well cared for. This seems like what love and care and sacrifice should be about. God bless you Scott Neeson, God bless you.

My Fav Gun

I sometimes feel sort of sorry for Hillary Clinton, but then I remember Benghazi and Margaret Sanger and her acceptance foreign funds and Bill Clinton and Vince Foster and Top-Secret Emails and selling high-tech secrets and files and records disappearing and defending child rapists and… well the list goes on, doesn’t it. I want fairness for the candidates and I see so many pics of her looking like some evil overlord that is trying to hard to look happy or less evil. No, I don’t feel sorry for her. She should be in prison.


Let us end today’s segment with a little laugh. Sorry so many of these may have been somber for you. That may be just the way it goes sometimes. That’s just the way it goes…

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