Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 8

Straight from my “that one site” page, welcome to “Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?”” which is getting so popular, people are sending me memes just so I can make fun of them. But, No Deal. It has to be on my news feed all you wanna be jokesters. Anyway, onto that cultural phenomenon, MEMEs!


Now that is just downright racist. I don’t know who posted this but I am so offended right now. I can’t believe someone thinks that I never cooked a cat right before. Why, I was the inspiration for Alf back in my day. (Cultural reference of stupid sit-com from 80s all you youngins won’t understand.)


This one is just weird. It is hard to read first of all. Secondly, when I first saw this I started wondering why the father figure was blindfolding the younger one. I noticed the cigarette in his mouth and thought it was some sort of execution. Then I noticed the guy was blindfolded too. Man, this was too ethereal for me to understand; blindfolding the kid to become the right man? What was this all about. This all went through my head in like 2 seconds. I soon realized it was a Mexican picture. Now I don’t want to get all racist here, (you had enough from the first picture) but I believe this is some kind of gang thing, or cultural thing, I am not sure… but who in the heck put this together? Someone heard this saying, then they thought, “I need a picture to go with it,” and what did they search for online. Give me a sec, I’m going to look up a couple “right man, father son” see what results I get… Okay, I get this same saying at times, but lots of pics with dads and sons at the beach, flying kites, being cowboys. I even get one with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and it says, “What is, and always will be, my greatest creation is you.” No blindfolds. No cigarettes. No Mexicans. I would like to find the originator of the meme, and ask him, “Why? Why in the world do you think this connects?” But, then again, this is what this is all about, isn’t it?


This one kindly tells us it is Arashi Beach and also says ARU-FUN at the bottom… go figure. I like this one. It make me sad I’m not there. I miss beaches.


Okay, this one will teach you something. This can’t always be about “Huh?” meaning I am puzzled. It can mean “Huh?” what is this all about. Anyway, the story is true, that is the actual Andrea Bocelli and he is blind but apparently has an awesome singing voice. There you go. Oh, and it is from, which I did visit, and it looks like a terrific site that is against abortion, sex trafficking and the death penalty. You can share your story there. Worth a visit, check it out. I may have to go back and find this one and share it on my own wall. There, done.


I love getting all my advice from movie stars. Especially when they have such great beards and serious expressions. Thanks, Matt for the great advice. And just in time for Valentines Day.


Amen words. But there that background comes up again; lonely bench by some body of water. Why is this theme photograph so prevalent in all these memes when they have nothing to do with the words, I may never know.


This is the winner of the most ridiculous I’ve seen in a long time. Gosh be jeepers! I’m just so, urgh, weirded out right now. People annoy me. “Hey, that is a great saying. It is exactly how I feel right now. And that puppet thing with only one shoe looks just like me. I’m going to hit the share button.”


Thanks InspiringPhilosophy for that tidbit that was just a bit too long. I can see the anger someone felt in responding to the inner meme with a meme of its own. I like imagining people typing angry like I was on the previous meme.


There are so many of this type out there lately, I just get the feeling like it is trying to trick us into something. There is the dog one and the one with the math. A cultural sensation that is just too dumb for words. But you keep commenting your answers everybody. I won’t judge.


More superbowl stuff is still floating around. I think a reuniting of The Beatles should use this picture as their new album cover. Hologram John and George would love it.


I don’t particularly think this meme is interesting in any way, but it reminds me of a time I took a whole box of caps and found the biggest rock I could find then smashed them up on our semi-enclosed porch. My ears rang for days and every once in a while they would ring for no reason.


I am just as outraged about Benghazi as… James Woods apparently is. Another instance of someone saying that movie stars influence should be the greatest influence on you. I’m all against Hillary and all, but James Woods saying(?) this doesn’t do… anything for me. This is another where if I dwell on this too long it’ll just make me angry, when it should make me happy because James Woods is on my side. Maybe?


Ah! Grumpy Cat. Haven’t seen you in a while bud. Good to see you, and with a Harry Potter reference too. Aaaahhh, you’re so cute.

Earl Dibbles Jr YEEYEE

All the American Farmers would really appreciate it if you did. No, seriously. Like it! I said LIKE IT! Good. Now move along.

freaky the scary snowman

Errrgggh… Are you trying to make me mad Freaky Scary Snowman (that is the name of where this is from)? Arrgh! Seriously?

Guys Springfield just got so much better 4tags

Okay, I’m posting this one because of how mad it made me. The person who posted this said, “Guys, Springfield just got so much better.” And you can see down in the comments that people have to freaking ask him where he is!!!  Why!? Argh… Alright, settle down. No reason to get so excited. I ranted about people stating something about what their clickbait share is all about, just so we wouldn’t have to click if we really wanted to know, and now I got this fool not even telling us where he is. “Oooo, Jerry, Jerry! You’re so cool and nifty for not telling us the name of the stupid restaurant in your post, so glad you make us beg and wait several hours before replying thus showing us how cool you really are thus jumping up your notification numbers! You’re so cool Jerry.” Oh I want to give Jerry the hardest noogies he ever did get.

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  1. I have to say I’m really enjoying this series. I’m pretty sure it could go on for years.

  2. There is a subliminal French flag in the background of the American farmers meme picture!!!!!! OMG !!!

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