Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 7

Straight from my “that one site” wall, it is all the memes I could find that make me go, “Huh?” with a few others thrown in for good measure.


I don’t get it. But someone out there is laughing their pants off right now! And it is kind of funny to see them laughing so hard that… Tee Hee… I just… Ha Ha… can’t… Har Har… help myself… Bwha ha, ha, ha, hardee har snicker! Wait a second… Is that a typing error?! I can not in my entire life believe that the person who made this meme or the person who posted it, let that one just slip by! How could you Melinda? How COULD YOU?


These kind of things are plenty-plentiful on the interwebs these days. I mean, I am a complete idiot and I can read it like a hot spoon through sausage… or something like that. Anyways, what’s with toothless being advertised with a feel-good little thing that makes me feel smart? I’m I supposed to be like, “Ah, how cute… now wait a minute. What are these words here doin? Ooo, I can read them. And wait! It tells me I’m twisted? Oh, hold yer giblets a sec, it also tells me I’m talented, and awesome at that! I must be one great person to see cute and be able to read upsidedown AND backwards too!”


Plugging a few in there that just make a whole lotta sense, and funny to boot! This is a great one, and that is me! See, the third from the aisle two rows back. Ha HA! Good one, good one. But, I’m still not gonna visit your site.


Okay, I posted one of these a few weeks back that was just horrible word placement, and I like the word placement here. I’m serious: look at the positioning and the font even works well. They didn’t make the background of the bubbles look odd or anything. Buuuuuttttt…….. I don’t get it.


Wait a second. I think someone should be offended by this one. I’m just not sure whom I should alert yet.


I don’t care how much you tempt me to look up this commercial you mention. I’m. Not. Going. To. Look. It. Up. Go ahead, keep trying. Not curious at all… Seriously. Stop. No. I don’t want to find out. Go away…. Oh my holy honk! What did I just see. I get it now. That is what my face looked like. Exactly. I hate you mountain dew.


More superbowl commentary. “Unnecessary”? Um… I don’t like either one, and yet I wonder… Oh, yeah. Superbowl ref, calling a foul, person doesn’t like them. Good one… wait. No. That is dumb. Try again.


Aaaahhh! Kitty luvs pwinter noiz. How cwute!

story of my life

The original poster of this meme commented, “Story of my life.” I am sad. More sad than after I wrote my story about empty bottles yesterday.


Favorite meme I have seen in a long time. Cool pic. Related to text. Thought provoking. I have nothing bad to say about… wait a second! “fb/david avocado wolfe”?! “Avocado”?!!! Why David Avocado Wolfe? *Tears streaming down my face* Why did you have to put your attention detracting name on there? Why?

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  1. If you saw the monkey commercial at superbowl that one would make sense. I totally get the scissor thing. Had a mom and wife that had special scissors. Paper dulls scissors real bad and you need real sharp scissors to cut material.

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