Clickbait Spoilers: Don’t Click That Site! Or Maybe You Should…

This entry is to announce the end of Clickbait Spoilers, even though so far there have only been three. It has been very frustrating opening sites, just for you I might add, that are slow to load, crash my computer, and have lots of horrific little pictures enticing me to click more and more. I thought that maybe I was adding some value to the world by making sure you didn’t have to click on the lure of “you won’t believe what happens next,” and in doing so maybe making you laugh at the foibles that are the life and times of internet living. But the suffering was just too great. I see these clickbait headlines and just wonder why the person who shares them just doesn’t tell us why the woman cried after hearing “this” for the first time, or the two words you don’t say to breastfeeding mothers, or whatever it is these sites are trying to get us over there for. And Christians are the worst propagators of this very thing. I suppose I understand that people want more clicks on their sites because it generates revenue, I guess; I wouldn’t really know about generating money from your site. I just have felt dirty when I click on these; again I want to say that it has been just for you.

I wonder about whether or not Christ, or more specifically God, was a clickbait kind of guy. “Noah! There is a giant wooden thing I want you to build, and you won’t believe what I’ll do when it’s done.” Does it matter that Noah was obedient or was he curious about it and decided to click? “Give me five loaves of bread and two fish, and you won’t believe what happens next.” Would it be that some people just didn’t stick around to find out? Most people, in fact I might be persuaded to say that all of them decided to see what did happen next, and you know what? It paid off baby!

There was a time they didn’t stick around to find out what happens next and that is when Jesus told them that they had to eat His flesh and drink his blood in order to have life. Can you imagine what kind of clickbait headline that would have to be to drive away people today? People have this insatiable curiosity to the lure of being shocked, or not knowing, that it almost drives us to it. But it seems as if these promises of amazement leading to us shrugging our shoulders and just saying, “Meh…” adds to the sense that there is nothing incredible anymore.

I see on that one site that so-and-so has liked this story and it gives you a subtle sense that something might be valuable in clicking: I usually don’t. But when someone shares it, and doesn’t actually tell me what it is, it makes me mad, because what little value I have placed on our “friendship” leaves me to wonder why they want to lead me astray in a clickbait catastrophe. Sure, most don’t think about what they are sharing as trouble to people like you and me, as it really isn’t, but that culture of “Tonight at six we’ll tell you why this mother beat her son in public and she has been lauded as a good example of parenting,” makes me a little sick inside, especially after this foray into finding out things for you that you normally wouldn’t click on. And that is the thing, isn’t it? That it doesn’t really pay off. Maybe it might make you think, “interesting” for a second or two, but the only really, truly thing that gives us an ultimate pay off is God. His lure is not false. His promises will not let you down. If you truly know Him and give Him your life, you will know that He is no bait, but He does want to catch you and hold on forever, but for His glory and nobody else’s.

I see all these famous people who claimed Christianity for so long and we uphold them… then they deny Him and His Church and fall away. They were clickbaited by something other than Christ. I know the lure of spirituality, but it will never pay off in the end.

So long “Clickbait Spoilers,” I hardly knew ye.

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  1. Thanks for suffering on our behalf.

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