MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 6

Straight from the view of my “that one site” wall, here it is, MEMEs that make me go, “Huh?”

It seems that perhaps people might be more thoughtful about the memes they are posting recently as I am not finding many that make me go, “Huh?” This time most of the memes are ones that make me go, “Exactly,” but, of course ending up with the other types.


Ahh, I miss living in the big city where they dealt with on-ramps and the people who use them. Most of these “What if I told you” that I come across are fairly agreeable and leave me with a pleasant taste in my mouth because there are others out there who actually understand, unlike that dumb glasses one on last entry of “Huh?”


Oh the classic pun, seems that we’ve waited years for memes to come around just so we can add a picture to it. And this one is kind of edumacational as well!


Ouchie! Although the sentiment here is a little… hmmm presumptuous? I think some people might be blocking me but how do you tell? And if you could tell, does it matter anyway? This is just a comment on our society that people don’t like opposing viewpoints, of which I find many, but on our “side” can be those just as ridiculous and provoking. If you post this I think you’re just being a bit of a jerk and declaring yourself the winner. Much like a guy who so quickly cheats at arm wrestling and starts celebrating his ill-gotten win.


Funny, but who is speaking here? The cat or “owner” of the cat? Hmmm…


“Here Grampa, hold this sign.” “What!?” “I said, hold this sign. I want to take a picture of you.” “Why the hell do you want to take a picture of me holding that sign?” “I want people to know that you are a Veteran.” “Who should care I am a Veteran?” “Lots of people.” “Why do they want to know that and what the hell are you going to do with the picture?” “I’m going to post it on Facebook to see how many likes you get.” “Likes? How many? What the hell are you talking about?” “I want people to know that old people were important, and that we should like and share, that they should show respect.” “I get all the respect I need knowing that someday all this will be over and you crazy kids with your likes and shares and face and twerks. Who the hell cares anymore? I get my medicine and television and I’m good with all that. Now you want me to hold a sign?” “Grandpa, It’s not just about likes and shares, it’s about taking America back.” “Take America back from who!” “From those who took it from us.” “America is gone?! Why the hell didn’t I hear about that? It seems all the same to me. People change and move forward and go back… how the hell is a picture of me gonna change anything? Why don’t you go feed people at the old folks home where you’re going to send me one day. Talk to them. Show them some **** respect that way!” “Grandpa! Can you just hold the sign?” “Oh fer **** sake. Give me the ******* sign and take your ******* picture.” “Sigh, thanks Grandpa.”




What is that on your face Snoopy? You’re drawn a little disproportional from what I usually see you as too. I think maybe the person who made this was worried about copyright issues and drew this himself and then put a little personal mark right there on Snoopy’s face.

Did you notice we’re getting into the ones I can make fun of? I’ll let you guess where is start(s)(ed).


The super bowl this weekend, so I thought I’d mark that occasion with a Toy Story meme. Note the creator of the meme is “ForeverSeahawks.” Kind of funny, although who really cares. We’re having a game day at our house today. Come over if you’d like.


Makes some kind of sense, right? I’ll let the experts who own guns and those who don’t want you to have it fight it out. Have fun with that!



Those tiny words that are vertical there, they say “TheMainStreetMouse.” You know what? I’m not gonna look them up or make any comment about this meme. You may guess at my thoughts.

Cheech Marin

Guess who was the originator of this meme? No, I mean take a guess. Alright, alright. I’ll give you a clue. He was a member of a two man comedy team from the ’70s and ’80s. They mainly dealt with recorded comedy. If you owned one of their records, you probably hid it from your parents. Their comedy dealt mostly with drug use and the funny things related therein. If you haven’t guessed yet, they were very edgy. One was Mexican and the other might have been ambiguously Italian(?). They started making Rated R movies that dealt with their raunchy brand of drug use comedy. The movies I did see of theirs were mostly viewed in the basement of a “friends” house, whose parents may or may not have known there was a tv down there. Have you guessed it yet? Yep, this is from Cheech Marin. The edgy drug guy making a comment on facebook about how he doesn’t like coleslaw. How edgy of you Cheech, how very, very edgy.

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