MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 5

Pulled straight off of my “that one site” wall, here are the memes that make me go, “Huh?” Incidentally, I’m happy to announce that I got a comment last time from one of the places that made one of the memes featured in the last post. They got a little mean, but that is okay, I made fun of them first. I visited their site and there were some rather clever posts about Vegas. Visit them here if you like, but be warned, they have joined up with a site that makes random clicks for you and pop-ups, and some of the stuff featured in their other sites have lots of clickbait photos, if you know what I mean… Anyway, they said your welcome for the click and wish me luck with my 33 likes. Thank you folks. And on we go.

LOL I actually dont

It is interesting to note that the original guy who posted this made the comment, “LOL. Actually, I don’t.” Makes me wonder why he would want to spread such propaganda about VW when he seems to like it. My Comment: Overused dude from beer ads.

6601_1111033908920861_7658923785875717552_nComment to other one

This one was interesting to me. The first one is the actual pic, but this second one was actually posted as a comment on the original. Last time I talked about the guy leaning against a wall overused meme; here it is. I agree with commentary that “Relient K” makes, (if indeed they said that), but when someone posts an almost identical photo in the comments, it really catches the eye. You should try it. I don’t know who @pianist247 is, since I’m as technically unsavvy as they get, but… maybe you should follow them. Just sayin…

Can you believe this

Weird. I know exactly what commentary they are making, but posting this without comment is weird. Are you talkin’ to me? Are YOU talkin’ to me?! Are you TALKIN’ to ME?!!


I just love all the Trump memes I see. Most of them are utterly ridiculous. You know my stance on Trump, but man, seriously? Do you got to get down in the dirt with him in your hopeless cause to make people see the reality of him? I mean, if he does win the presidency, it was directed by God. Right? Just like Obama?


Glasses much? So, SoRelatable never really seems to understand about how it is to wear glasses. I have worn eye corrective wear for over 35 years and this has never happened to me. But, apparently, some friend of mine has experienced it and just had to share.


See? What did I tell you? I don’t like Trump, and for an instance I believed it. Just for a teeny time of a time, and I got over it. Really? You think I would believe he said that?


This sign? This specific sign? You want it all up in all 50 states, eh? I’m a little torn. And sharing it on that one site will get the voting horror of this nation fixed, right?


“See the Magic”? Still not gonna share.


Okay, I admit it. Some of this make me laugh a little. This one made me chuckle slightly under my breath.


So I have this new acquaintance on that one site, and man! is he ever a meme poster. I don’t understand how conservatives can think anything like this is going to make anything right. It just offends the left, and it makes me do a face palm of shame. Really?! I am so offended by this, that I can’t even stand it. Stop, just stop.




I am not sure if I consider this a meme, but it is going up anyway. But, errrggh, and I say BUT! this is the kind of simpleton thinking that liberals see from the conservative all the time. Sure, it comes from them too, but this is my angry typing. Can you hear how hard I’m hitting the keys? Same new acquaintance as previously.


Same new guy again. Different aspect of his humor(?) political bent(?). Why is this a little girl? Is the person saying that they feel like a kid at work? Do they feel this complaint makes them feel like a kid? What is it? Never mind. I don’t really care.


I interviewed a teacher the other day that has taught for 27 years. And sure, maybe their world experience is small, but their sentiment is that kids really haven’t changed. I think though, if we would have gotten deeper, she would have said that kids stay the same, it is the world that has changed.


Here is something new. Actually, I’m grinding my teeth looking at this one. I hate minion memes, and their movie stunk, capitalizing on all their Je Ne Sais Quoi, makes me die a bit inside. Anyway, look at the font of the last word. Did the person who made this font leave it open for interpretation of other users? Or did the person making it just have lame meme making skills?


Interesting question, is it not? The wrong one though…

353745 L 241499 C

This had 353,745 likes and 241,499 comments at the time I downloaded this picture. I hesitate to post anymore like these, but why are we so ignorant. Plus! The theology of the thing… just so wrong.


I don’t know who Snap-On is, but man! I know I’ll never shop there.


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