MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 4

Straight from the view of my “that one site” wall, here it is, MEMEs that make me go, “Huh?”


Let us start off with a good old-fashioned pun, eh?


Those stupid Minion memes always make me wonder why people think it is a good idea to just post pithy sayings with those dumb yellow things, but this one takes the award for most awkward. What?! How in the… wait, what?! I mean, it just, hold on… what?! Why? I’m a… gonna… oh my goodness this thing freaks me out on so many levels. I’m just about, I don’t know what… Argh!


“So go off by yourself in the mountains, and never see anyone, ever, again.” Is he going off to see one of these people he knows in more than one place? Thanks Spirit Science for putting a meme together that is just so unrelatable.


And God makes sure that they all look like supermodels. Gag me with a spoon. Sorry I had to pull out that rare treat from the 80s, but it had to be done. Oh you southerners who have such a rare talent for finding this stuff.


Sometimes I don’t get the idea that maybe people can just type out what they are thinking, but then that gets me mad that they are being so vague and weird that I don’t want to deal with them anyway. So, I suppose this is the acceptable way to be aggressively vague and still get people to like your stuff. Special thanks to KUSHANDWIZDOM.TUMBLR for this one.


The fun thing to do with these memes is to read just the words that are different. Like so: “Don’t stopping using. New life easier create life, factors to addiction again.” See? Makes sense, yes?


This week seemed to emphasize memes that didn’t have a lot of pics to it. This one tried a bit, but, what the heck is it supposed to mean? Maybe the surprised faces signify an alternate universe where you dismissed them and never thought about them again. Special thanks to FB/Liamdineen.


If I came across a door like that out in the middle of the forest, I would definitely go into it. But why does it sound like a pitch to sell vacuums door-to-door?


Wow! You don’t have any anger issues at all mister feeling down. I am glad that you didn’t put a picture to go along with this though. I can’t imagine what that one would have been like. That “Psychotic” in the stylized font is telling though, isn’t it? I worry about the “friend” who posted this…


Ha… Good job lazy person from BuzzedVegas. We think our jokes like this are unique to the place we live, until we move. This is like, “If you don’t like the weather in [insert your State here] wait 5 minutes, and it’ll change.”


Okay, I’m with you here, @andystanley, or is it #CatalystDallas, or maybe you’re that weird arrow, bolt thing. C’mon, just tell me who made this so I can complain that they didn’t use the picture of the lonely lady on the bench in a busy park, or the one with the guy sitting sadly against a graffiti covered wall, or the kids eating ice cream while one is apart from them all. This is just a guy doing a presentation that in slide number 3 it says, “Organize to your vision statement,” while a folding chair is forlornly in three-quarters of the frame. That makes me more sad than anything. Maybe the outsiders think it is weird that you are pretending this is some seminar about making change and not about new life. Maybe everyone taking down this note forgot that this is all about Jesus and His love for us and our love for the world. Maybe cool lighting and casual dress doesn’t in the least make outsiders feel like they are in Christ when Christ is forgotten in our churches. Maybe we’ve forgotten that Church isn’t a neat presentation and everybody being in nice orderly rows. Maybe we have misplaced the idea that Church isn’t about being inside, anywhere, but going outside, and not bringing people in, but revealing Christ out there and allowing Christ to “make changes”. Alas, we could write books about how much we’ve forgotten. Oh, wait. They have. And they are sitting on our bookshelves, unread, unwanted.

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  1. I am thinking of replying to memes in the following way:
    Path A: think of the worst pun possible.
    Path B: Select a word from the meme, then create a statement with your phone auto suggestion, like. “Nevada and I will be in the morning.” or “Outsiders are subject to the intended recipient.” or “Off the top right of way I am going on the phone.” Journeys is a great weekend too.”

  2. Bags of chips in a couple weeks and then delete the message.

  3. Hey. It’s memes like this that get us over 100 likes a day. Thanks for the shoutout and you’re welcome for the click. Good luck with that 33 likes, bro.

    • Wow, congratulations! You don’t have to be mean though. It doesn’t matter to me about likes, I just write what I like and memes are interesting to me right now. Thanks, bro.

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