MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 3


Many of these memes have textual sentiments I agree with, but the picture gets me to go, “Huh?” As so many of these might be today. I like that beach and especially the black sand. This picture is crying out to me… I actual love beaches on a cooler day, enough to wear a jacket, and just walk as far as I can. Thanks “Lessons Learned *heart* Life” for a wonderful picture, but get those words out of there. They make no sense with the picture.


Another of those “your ecards” meme that you see all the time. I am not really sure if I can define this as a meme, because they seem more like those grumpy old lady cards you see, where she tells you exactly something like this. My question is, is he looking at me being unarmed, or is he the embodiment of what someone looks like to be witlessly unarmed.


Thanks for the reminder FBDavidAvocadoWolfe. I do enjoy me a good hot dog, and love feeding them to my kids. In fact, this reminds me of a story when my oldest was about 5-years-old, and her favorite food was hot dogs, and we visited some friends who tried to pawn off on her some tofu dog. She takes a big bite and chews slowly with a shocked look in her eyes. We ask her what is wrong, and it takes a while for her to answer. She leans over and quietly tells us, “There’s something wrong with my hot dog.” I love all that stuff in my hot dogs, and Hebrew National are best. (This meme commentary is not endorsed by the hot dog advocate industry nor any of its affiliates.)


True, good comment, picture that goes with it. I have nothing to say about this one other than it needs to be known better.


This one gave me a bit of a tickle in the belly. I don’t think this is true, it is just something someone did for funnies. City girls know a lot about cornbread, don’t be so ignorant meme maker.


Ugh! This one was put up by some Trump supporter. What a maroon! As Bugs Bunny use to say. And, I just put this up because it is another way to tell you how stupid Trump and many of his supporters are. It is kind of leaving me speechless. I’ve typed several things and deleted them because I’m just so in a zone where nothing makes sense anymore and saying it makes me mad. I’m done with this one. Trump sucks.


This one is up because it is kind of funny… maybe… if the person tried a little harder to up his skills on photowhatever. It is also here because we recently had a threat of a storm and this is so true in areas where ice is more common than snow. Oh to be back in Utah where people were calm when it snowed and they knew how to drive in it… wait, they always forgot how to drive after the first snowstorm or two.


Really? You find a picture of a tent that is at least 20 years old, (I mean look at those chairs in there, nobody has those anymore) and think that your little text is going to make you an internet star? You have to at least put your logo or website on the pic. Maybe a tent cost that much back in 1970, I can’t remember that far back, but you can get a way more decent tent for that price nowadays.

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