MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 2


Let’s start off with a TLDR. You don’t know what that is? Well, let me catch you up on the internet jargon; TLDR is an acronym that means Too Long Didn’t Read. The thing that caught my eye on this one is the rainbow coloring. I suppose that is why they did that. Second thing that caught my eye was the two words, “Incredible” along the edge. Now I was sure that I needed to read the whole thing. If someone took the time to type this up, print it out, use 5 different colors of highlighter, scan it and upload it so someone would share it on their that one site wall, well I better reward all their hard work by reading it. Here we go… Nice: all caps in “RAISED”. This is going to be great! Ooo, smack ’em with that “grow up” statement. (I’m not sure why I think this starts out in a “smack ’em up” way, maybe it is the smarmy “RAISED” as opposed to “grow up” part.) Lots of things that polite people might do said in a long run on sentence that is starting to sound aggressive. Then the declarative exclamation point at the end. Whoa, then another and at the very end three! Incredible! And the put a space between the last word and the 3 exclamation points. Good show. Ugh, but you lost me with the stupid re-post it thing. Why should I re-post your rainbow colored aggressive TLDR meme? Weren’t you RAISED to know that this kind of things don’t really change people. It seems counter-intuitive to post this against all you are saying as a polite society suggestion. Sadly, the anger this person shows with all the exclamation points subtracts from all they are trying to say.


Okay, I am not disagreeing with the sentiment here, in fact I think the pondering of this question does deserve three question marks at the end proceeded by a space is necessary, but why use art that seems to be from the afternoon special about an alternate universe where Peter Parker didn’t gain super powers from that spider bite, just a crippling disease?


I’m glad Mandy Hale said this… wait, I’m going to look up Mandy… Ah, Mandy Hale author of “The Single Woman” and best known as that on Twitter as well, (has a huge following apparently). It rather is a great quote, almost biblical in a way, you know the idea of only gaining your worth and joy from God. But this is about you. And apparently, finding your long lost teddy bear, setting him up on a bench by a lake, and pondering it all…


Share this? Why? What does Daffy Duck have to do with loving your Grandson? Is it that prideful look in his eye as your grandson catches his first fish? Or is it the way he is clutching his chest as he finds out his grandson has been popping ants with your magnifying glass. I don’t get it, and no note as to whom I can thank for such wonderful sentiment. It also make me wonder about all those friends on that one site who have grandsons and still haven’t posted this picture… They must hate their grandsons. Oh they are so dissshhhhppppicable.


This person has got their meme marketing down pat! Look at that lovely blue circle with their name in it all cursive like, and they have a website down there as well. Good for Kay.


Tell me Expanded Consciousness what you really think. Except, be a little more clear, without all the preponderance of words. Here, let me rewrite that for you: “The journey is about…” Okay, I surrender. Maybe you did have to use all those words. But now that I understand what you’re trying to say, why do I feel like I have to take a shower?

idiot award goes to

There was more to this story. In fact someone wrote a whole thing about it. The first few sentences that I could see was “The biggest idiot award goes to my mom.” Of course I didn’t read the rest. We watched Breakfast Club with my oldest daughter the other day, (I don’t remember all the swearing), and we had to go on a discussion about how a lot of teenagers have to get to a point where there parents aren’t all they were perceived to be when you were younger. There is something inside us that makes us want to break away from them: leave the nest per se. This person, it really might all have been made up, is feeling that in a way that makes him want to post things about how idiotic his mom is for thinking a tire pressure gauge is a pipe. It might be an easy mistake kid, but you are showing to be the bigger idiot in this that your mom. And growing up, I hope you don’t assume so much about everyone else as well.


This last one was my daughter’s idea. I think she saw the previous post of mine and started thinking about memes. Anyway, I think it is rather clever if I do say so myself.

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  1. Do memes need to have proper spelling and grammar? (If not purposely modifying the language…)

  2. I have been thinking about memes since your previous post as well. I’m glad you covered the “repost this if . . . ” ones since those are most likely to cause me to gag, whether it’s about your grandson, dog, or Jesus. Also, I think you need your own new internet acronym: TOS (although, who knows, it may already mean something else).

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