MEMEs That Make Me Go, “Huh?”

It is new category time again on Stranger In Rebellion, and this is the one where I make fun of the memes people post and I see it on my that one site. Starting some 40 odd years ago I found that the best of friends were people I could make fun of other people with, because we all know we’re superior than everyone else, right? So here is where I repost pics I see and make fun of them. Here we go:

Let’s start off with a confusing one that was posted without comment and the user received 2 likes so far for it. Why did they post this and to whom are they talking to? I know, it is just for general encouragement, but the picture of a kid in black and white format looking like he is yelling and about to cry does not tell me to keep being awesome. If I saw this picture by itself I would probably think this kid is telling on his sister for blowing out the birthday candles on his cake. That is going to be the most common aspect of this experiment, “What does this picture have to do with what is being said?”


Huh? Do little flowers in a cup just say that you’re pretending you’re okay? I don’t get this on so many levels. Why is this something to post? Is it for people who might want to post something vague and slightly off-putting about what is going on, and telling them to just shut up? Either way a cup full of purple flowers says it all.


Okay, hilarious! Let us use an overused quote and make it Christian. It is things like this that make me wonder about my fellow brother and/or sister. Why for crying out loud? And what does Tony Stark/Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. have to do with angel armies? “Let’s put a popular Christian song lyric that has army in it and put it with that overused meme…” Oh, but wait. This is a pic put out by memesforjesus. Never you mind.


Sometimes there will be clever ones that I just got to include. I think the Hobbit was just an overblown reduction engorgement of a prequel for the LOTR. Good one oh unreadable meme maker.


Weird. Someone took a stupid stock photo and tried to make fun of his sister’s best friend’s mom. “I heard about this lady that was cold. That’d make a great meme.” Fake steam… lame. Look on the woman’s face… “Stop looking at me! or I might throw up!”


Wait, who is this guy again? And does he always wear a white suit in a white room with a bright light behind him? And why is he trying to look so smarmally smarmy? And is the meme talking about where he is? His suit? Is he alive or dead? So many questions. Maybe when Stephan speaks again, he can tell us the answer to some of our questions.


Another example of an overused picture. And why in the heck couldn’t they put their text in the speech balloons? It could have taken a bit more thought. Anyway, this is mostly here to record it for historical purposes. But this person should not be allowed to make another meme.


Ugh. Why brother? Where is your head? Sorry… this kind of stuff is just asking to be made fun of. The extra caption from this tells the reader not to pass by, but make sure you type amen. Because Jesus will only help those who don’t scroll past terrible art and type “yes&Amen” with no spaces an ampersand and a capital “A” in amen. If my Jesus was this awkward, I’d keep on walkin’… or scrolling.


Yes, yes I have. Why do you ask?


Here is an encouraging bit. You’re right internet meme. I should turn up the sound of my soul… and dance. What the heck does that mean anyway? And I had a hard time not typing a swear word in there on that one. Weird background, check. High-flying pink ballerina, check. Sun ray with a large offset moon, (I mean where are these rays coming from?) check. Fake rose implant, check. Dumb quote, check check check.


Train tracks? Huh?


This one is supposed to make you laugh. I mean it is quite hilarious, is it not? The person who posted this is always posting confusing or divisive pics and articles with no commentary. How annoying this one is once you begin to ponder it’s implications and why exactly why someone would make this. I guess to me it is not as funny as it might be? Perhaps it appeals to a more younger crowd.


Okay, I agree with this sentiment. But why is this flower wearing provocative underwear?


I like this one. I just hate Trump. Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. Let’s just say he disgusts me.


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  1. I keep asking people what _exactly_ a ‘meme’ is… Okay, so I look up the def. …Whatever.

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