David Bowie – Young American, and Two Short Movie Reviews

Saw a few movies recently and I wanted to write a review on them because of the similarities. However, during my writing today about Fascism and such, David Bowie’s, Young American was going through my head the whole time, and I thought that I’d share it with you. But first I wanted to say a couple of things about two of the other movies I saw recently.

Never have I been so thoroughly disappointed in a movie as I was with this one. When I see a movie built around a concept that turns out dull and stupid, I have to imagine the pitch for the film. “These cops, all throughout history, they don’t really die.” “They don’t?” “No, they come back to earth.” “Why do they come back to earth?” “Because… um… because there are these dead people… and um… they refuse to die. And these cops have to come back and get them.” “Why can’t they just be taken by whatever force makes the cops come back?” “Well, you see… we’ve got Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges to play the leads, only they are a sexy lady and an old Chinese man.” “Why are they a sexy lady and a Chinese man?” “Because it’s funny! And you know what else is funny?” “No, what?” “Well these dead people, they don’t like Indian food.” “They don’t like Indian food.” “Yeah, cumin to be more precise. Cumin makes them into these huge fat guys. We can computer generate them and make lots of fat people jokes, and they can make gross jokes, and get shot in the butt with grappling hooks and drag the cops all over the city, Ha, ha, ha.” “Um, yeah… that sounds great? What is the main story?” “Who cares!? There is computer generated fat men getting shot in the butt with a grappling hook! That sells itself.” R.I.P.D is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen… how disappointing.

This next one is a bit of a good surprise. But first I want to talk about movies that make you feel good. I told you before about a guy’s blog whom my wife likes to read. He has many great points regarding art and the transcendent media of film. He disdains some recent “Christian” films because they generally want to make “Christians” feel good, and the art is poor. She was reading me some reviews and I just said, “He’s a cynic. What is wrong with people feeling good?” Sure some of those films are bad, bad acting, bad direction, bad art. They have no real redeeming value other than just making “Christians” feel good about themselves, their struggles, and that they aren’t alone. Sure that may be… unartful, but it serves a purpose as much film does. I’m not sure how Overstreet feels about “Mom’s Night Out” but it was a feel good “Christian” film. The thing is, I laughed. I laughed a lot. It was very funny, the script didn’t cliche it down, and it made me feel good. It had a message about our purpose, much like “The Secret of Walter Mitty” did. That even though it may seem like we are doing no good or failing at what we are doing, we are doing the best job we have with what we’ve been given by God. It is highly recommended by me.


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  1. Well, in that case, I’ll have to watch “Mom’s Night Out.”

    • Fair warning first about Mom’s Night Out: The whole church scene at the beginning was really annoying, mostly because it displayed horribly what church shouldn’t be like. Where I am now is probably why is was so grating.

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