Strange Confessions Transfers, Part 2

June 2, 2012 – Strange Confessions: I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew and use a sewing machine. I’ve surpressed it for a long time because it’s just not the manly thing to do. But now I’m telling the world: I want to learn how to use a sewing machine. Woe society!

June 24, 2012 – Strange Confessions: I once designed a button that said, “Lefties have rights too” at a youth arts festival. You had to hand you circle of art to a worker and they put it together into the button. I watched the teenage workers as they put it together and the one showed the other and were laughing at it. I was so embarrassed I could hardly admit it mine and pick it up. We went to my grandparent’s home after and I decided that I had made it for my Papa, after all he was a lefty too. I remember him later showing me where he put; on the backside of his lampshade. He’d spin it around and I thought the button must have been dumb because Papa didn’t even put it on the front of the lamp.

July 23, 2012 – Strange Confessions: I once got kicked out of one of my favorite restaurants. I had a friend named David Mahowald who smoked; eww it was gross, but there’s another funny Strange Confession in that. Anyway, we were at the Training Table, “a Utah original” the commercials always said, with Dan’s girlfriend who looked and dressed just like Joan Jett. That’s a blast from the past, huh? Dan was quite a… hmm… ignorant, sad, goofy rebel, and he and “Joan” took a few packs of matches and lined them up along a food tray with the striking edge lined up and facing out. I was quite the… hmm… how do you say… hapless goof of a teen, and I just sat there and watched them, with a mostly eaten Blue Bacon Burger (yuuuummmm) and cheese fries in front of me. Dan lit the end match and it lit all the others in a fiery rage of smoke and stupidity. We were in a corner booth with me facing the corner and I just stared in unbelief at the thick smoke dispersing on the ceiling. Some older teen worker came strolling up knowing he had to do something necessary yet possibly difficult, after all one of us looked like Joan Jett, and said knowingly, “Um, your going to have to leave.” Dan said jovially, “Okay,” and we left.
I occasionally look Dan up on Google wondering what happened to him, but I could never find him. He kind of had a sad home life and he moved to Wisconsin after we were sophomores. He and I had an interesting friendship, we were both kicked out of Judge and went to different High Schools later on, but found each other on the bus and made fast friends out of lonely situations. I wish I could have provided hope and encouragement more to him, and he inspired me to look deeper into people who might appear shallow and rebellious. I pray for him today that he found True Joy and Peace.

July 25, 2012 – Strange Confessions: My brother and sisters were once taken to the mall to spend money we all had. I was running out of time to buy something so in a panic I bought a “World’s Greatest Tennis Player” figurine. What the heck?! I didn’t even play tennis. My Mom shared that sentiment, and forced me to go shopping again, ugh! I ended up buying a Darth Vader poster instead.

October 8, 2012 – Strange Confessions: When the weather gets cooler and I’m driving, I roll down my windows and turn up my “Just Metal” playlist on the ipod and turn it way up. I believe that all the teens see me toolin’ up in my minivan blasting all the killer Maiden, Metallica, Priest, Deep Purple, POD and others, and they think “That is one cool old dude, wish I could be hangin’ out with him and have him share his cool and interesting life with us, I bet he has some wisdom that could open up our minds.” But, I imagine that they just say, “Man that old guy in the van can’t hear his old, lame (or current street language equivalent), music. He should get hearing aids.” Sometimes it’s sad growing old.

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