Sunday Scrutinization: Discipleship on My Mind

If you read my post about being a cowboy, basically I was talking about discipleship. Whether or not it was about worldly knowledge or biblical, being a cowboy, in the way I was thinking, is about being a disciple. I may have always whined about not being formerly or properly discipled in my life, but that is not entirely true, which was possible the point of today’s sermon.

We started out having to personally answer three questions about discipleship:

  1. What is discipleship?
  2. Are you involved in discipleship? Why or why not?
  3. Who were the disciples of Christ?

I always think that the giver of sermons is always trying to trick us gullible congregants, so I try and look at what they are really asking. My answer to the first had to do with encouragement and teaching; you remember my post on encouragement, and the fact that disciple basically means learner. Pretty good, huh?

The second question was, I believe,  the tricky one. I basically said that no one can handle me. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I’m not like regular folk, whether it be the fact that I don’t think like others or that I spill it all out on this keyboard; I think it’s just not normal. I’m a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, or I like to think that I am. I’m probably plain as day to some or just not worth the effort to others. Incidentally, I’m glad of the fact that my wife felt me worth the effort. The second part of my answer to the second question was, that I just don’t know what to do. And the third part of my answer was, is that I am constantly involved in discipleship. This is the answer that will give me the golden pat on the head for thinking outside the 52 ounce mug of soda. We all, in minor ways, are involved in discipleship, because people are watching us and we are watching people. We are learning constantly. We may not be going through some formal back and forth, but we see each other and how we live life. Those who believe that they know that they don’t know everything are always on the discipleship path.

The third question was in where he was being a tricksy hobbit as well, at least I thought he was. I said that all who know Him are His disciples. It wasn’t until at the end of sermon time when someone asked all the disciples names, did I realize he may not have been as tricksy as I thought he was trying to be. Perhaps that is how I would be as a sermon giver, always trying to trick you foolish congregants, ha ha ha! Wait, no. Never mind. I’d be the straight shooter. You know, the cowboy and all is an open book; straight and true.

The verses he used as a basis for his sermon was 2 Timothy 2:2 and Matthew 28:19-20:

And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

His point was that we all need to be involved in discipleship. To me he spoke that I need to take a more conscious approach, rather than an unconscious approach. Which is what I normally do. We all have some pretty lame excuses when it comes to not being involved in discipleship: “I’m not spiritual enough.” “I can’t be discipled by someone less godly than me.” “I can’t do co-discipleship.” “I have to treat anyone I disciple the same.” He had more excuses, but I think time had gotten away from him. He was looking down, trying to decide what to eliminate, when the overdue pregnant woman got up to go somewhere, and someone behind me shouted out, “too long.” Sermon guy didn’t realize why “too long” was shouted, laughed and tried to wrap it all up. I’m approaching a deadline myself. I’d like to finish writing this as my wife and daughter are making jícama slaw in preparation for going to puppet practice and then hanging out with this beloved community tonight, and I’m still in give-up pants and socks. But, if you can read between the lines here and see the connection with what I believe a true cowboy is and the connection of discipleship and Frank Viola sending me a sample of his new book “Discipleship in Crisis” where you can still possibly get the free download here, that God is sending me a message: Step up to the plate bucky-boy and throw for that touchdown as you round up those I’ve prepared from the beginning. Great metaphor mixing, yes? Perhaps before I and my family can jump into the path he has set for us in proclaiming His kingdom, He wants me to get more… *cough* *cough* personal with others, or maybe this is the path. Whatever it is, He is speaking to me, leading me and I want to follow. Giddy-up and git cowboys and cowgirls! For the harvest is ripe and we all need to stand together.


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  1. There is something unexplainable that happens when you have that I’ve on I’ve intimate relationship with another thru discipleship. You will get what you invest in it. He calls us to it, no matter how w feel about it. And i believe Christ meant, to literally make a conscious meaningful effort…

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