My song to Him

Our family has been sick, so we didn’t go to church today. I took a walk to spend some time with God, and it was a blessing that I did. I found myself talking to Him about the sermons I’ve heard recently. I heard that there is a connection to completely loving God because we see the connection of how horrible we are and how awesomely good He is in coming down and saving us. I know how utterly horrible I have and can be, and how great our God is, but that doesn’t make the connection of devotion and love I am told should be the connecting factor. Then I spoke to Him how I see His love in His everyday care, especially when I don’t see it at work in me at the present. It is always after the fact especially in Him bringing us here to West Plains. My prayer turned into a song of which I sang several verses, but the chorus, at least the first couple of lines, really struck a chord with me. I began to expound the chorus and this is what I came up with:

That’s how I know I love You,
How You’re precious to me in everyday.
Your mercy and grace, abounding my space,
And Your love and care, chase away my despair,
that I find myself constantly placed in.
You’ve taken my sin, then I find myself in
those everlasting, ever-widening arms.

This is a work in progress and I hope to get more verses out soon.

Thank You God for this time I was able to spend with you today. I praise You.

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