Strange Confessions: My Time in Retail

I got a friend request from someone I haven’t seen in around twenty years. I use to work with this person at the same place I met my wife. It was a retail store called Fred Meyer.

Where I work now, I have to spend 40 hours with the same two people that I don’t particularly enjoy spending time with. But back in retail, we had a lot of fun, sticking to the “man” by hiding out as much as we could and dealing with difficult customers and your typical other stuff you experienced in retail. I really enjoyed working with some of those people, in fact, some of them I’d spend time with outside of work and frequently too.

I have probably told you that my own personal philosophy is that the more people you know, the broader your experience and knowledge. I have written several “Strange Confessions” that prompted me to try and find old friends. Some have brought about great results, others have chosen to ignore me for one reason or another. It sure is nice to think people remember me fondly and want to connect again.

I started thinking of all the fun we had trying to avoid work and the activities we did away from work. I also think that a lot of my writings on here have been very serious lately. Since I am a Christian, I have a lot of Christian friends on that one site, and many of their posts are serious stuff or bible verses or pictures with pithy sayings. I don’t disparage them their style, I appreciate it all. I try to keep it light… for the most part. In the past I was very open about who I was on there and felt that nobody cared and it sometimes hurt. Obviously I worked through all that and now I have this site to tell all my little secrets, and it’s grown beyond that: to what I learned in church or fellowship group, movie reviews, commentary on culture, etc… I can now share the links here on my personal page and they can look at it or not… whatever. It really is for me. But, I have noticed that I have been too serious lately.

So, I will begin a new series of Strange Confessions dealing with my time in the retail industry. You know, it is funny that I don’t remember much of what happened in those years, probably because I spent so much time then doing stuff that would help me forget it. The one thing about when I write about my past is that a lot of it comes back to me. That is another benefit to my writing. So, see you soon with some fun stuff, and of course a pinch of what it all means to me now and how it shaped who I am.


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