My Most Embarrassing Moment, Part 1

Question six inspired by this article.

Santa Clara University: “Tell us about the most embarrassing moment of your life.”

So I’ve considered several options of what I would say here. My first inclination was to say, “No.” and then go on to tell you about your most embarrassing moment, culminating in the embarrassment of having to read student application questions, your little group sitting around a table laughing and realizing this is what your life has come to: tittering at the ignorant eagerness of those who want to build a career commencing at your establishment, confused by the veracity of the strange demand for a,… no the most embarrassing moment of their life.

I mean, you could have been a bit more clever in your obscurely ridiculous question. It seems something a bit out of a daytime televised game show, it does. “And now put your hands together for your favorite daytime game show, where we bare you to all to the world: ‘Your Most Embarrassing Moments!'” Really? You saw this trend coming and that is what you went for? Seems a bit lazy. Sorry, but true.

Then I began to wonder, there has got to be more to this question than that. You don’t want to see our most embarrassing moment just for a slight chuckle or because you were lazy. No, you’re shrewder than that. You want to see what we would consider the most embarrassing moment. What would qualify enough as embarrassing, but not so embarrassing as to disqualify us from your institution because it would harm our future or the reputation of your school. This tells much about a person, how we would answer that. Especially coming fresh out of high school. Very clever Santa Clara University, very clever indeed.

Well, I will get to the point here. But, having lived longer than your average high school graduate, I have a plethora of embarrassing moments to choose from. Do I pick something more tame but still something I shudder at for happening to me? Or do I go for the gross, the inane, the out-of-control worthless thing that I try desperately to forget for the rest of my life? Do I go for the dream I had that would have been earth shattering had it actually happened? Or something that I only thought of in my head, embarrassing me because I truly had such a thought? Maybe a humiliation suffered upon me by those who thought they were my betters? Or a realization that someone I gave so much of myself to, turned out to be such a heartbreaking jerk that I would never trust anyone so much again? How about the time I gave them a second chance, only to be shattered once more? Or perhaps you’d like to hear about my perfect test scores all in a row, except for that one C-?

As you can see there is a lot out there in myself that I may deem the most embarrassing, but how do I choose? Okay. After some careful thought I think I’ll choose something that has all of those elements. Something I wrote about in a former life, that happened in a former life before that. Something that started me on my road of self-introspection and analysis of others motivations and reasonings towards me as an adult. Of the time that led me to this point because of doubt, of loneliness, of homesickness, of frustration and anger, pain and despair. I will have to have a lot of time to pull this story out, to examine the nuances, figure out what I am to eliminate so as not to cause harm to others or myself. For I am a different man then I was then. Thank God I am. For if I had followed the habits and ways of this former person I was, I would most likely not be here today. This is a story that must be told. The demons that I work out of myself by writing, must be colluded out. Put in hard, digital copy so as to see the change and the experiences I have come to since then. But only in the way I have the outlet for now: a “Strange Confession”. I am sorry to have to disappoint you good folks, but you can follow this link to a heading soon to be called, “My Most Embarrassing Moment, Part 2”.

(Note: This “Strange Confession” has not been published as of the time of this article’s publishing. You may have to come back in a day or two to get the whole story, depending on when you are reading it. I will need feedback from some close followers of mine to help me decide if it is fit for publishing on my Facebook: “Stranger In Rebellion”. Any comment on the aforementioned article would be greatly appreciated; when published.)


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  1. That part about “their most embarrassing moment”, culminating at their reading essays of embarrassing moment is pretty funny! DV
    PS. I didn’t know that embarassing has two “r’s”…

  2. In fact, I need to research the etymology of “embarrassing”… DV

  3. Okay, you do that David. Thanks for reading. I hope you “enjoy” part 2.

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